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  1. On 12/03/2017 at 11:07 AM, BobTroll said:

    We have enjoyed four cruises with Regent and on three of them, the balance of our cabin account at the end of the cruise was a big fat zero.  We actually ended the final cruise in credit, because Regent refunded the cost of pre-paid visa fees for two countries, which had decided not to insist upon entry visas upon arrival.


    This is fantastic, I do hope we get to have this experience of a refund! :) My wife will be pleased Seems as though this is proving to be a very popular topic. I'll defiantly update my experience and bill when I return.

  2. I chose Regent over the other luxury cruise lines as quite a few of my wife's friends had experienced them before. However, we did re-search the other cruise lines before we committed and this was the main reason. Seabourn did appeal to us both also.

    Yes, I'll certainly let you know about our experience. I would defiantly say that the word 'Luxury' would put a lot of people off straight away before even considering what you get included in a 6* ship. as I do believe they are far better value than the likes of the other cruise lines that call themselves 'All Inclusive'.

  3. So, myself and my wife are extremely excited to be boarding our first luxury cruise with Regent Seven Sea Cruises on Mariner of the Seas at the end of March 2017. We're doing a 10-night roundtrip Miami cruise. After much reading recently what cruise lines call 'all inclusive', our cruise seems to be an extremely good deal.

    Just for example, I see Royal Caribbean advertise their cruises as all-inclusive when they have a drinks package included. However, this being the basic drinks package and you can upgrade to a Premium drinks package at an extra cost!  I think a few cruise lines do this also.

    To us, an all-inclusive cruise would be 'everything included?' such as, Excursions, tips, even Mini-bar refreshments. Comparing the prices of a luxury cruise line to other cruise lines, like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises etc. The 6* ships do have fantastic prices.

    After not being a regular cruiser, it's nice to know that we seem to have chosen the right cruise line. You do have to ask yourself, and compare the things you'll do  whilst on your holiday to what you feel is
    'All Inclusive'.

     I find this an interesting topic, and look forward to other people's feedback and comments.

  4. I am getting some extremely good deals come through to my emails from a travel agent I have booked my cruise with and their deals seem too good to be true with P&O Cruises.


    I have booked my first cruise with my wife for 2017 on board a Regent Cruise ship, so I am extremely weary of the deals I see in front of me.


    A ship called the Ventura is sailing out of Southampton on the 5 December and is sailing for 12 nights around the Canary Islands. It states there is a FREE upgrade to a balcony cabin and you will also receive £250 On-board Spend, the price advertised is £989pp, does anyone believe this deal? Not having sailed before, and I know regent ships are a different kettle of fish, but for a last minute escape to the sun, this sounds ideal.


    Please can someone advise me? Just don’t want to rock up with my wife, and it be an 18-30's cruise or something like that?


  5. My daughter has a family of 2 adults & 2 children, which they will be aged 5 and 3 in the summer of 2017.  She has been looking at 10/11 Nights to either Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca or Portugal, All Inclusive in a 1/2-bedroom apartment. Her main priorities are not too far from the airport (45 mins max), kid’s clubs, and also as close to the beach as possible, with nice pool areas and nice modern apartments.


    The best she has found is in Ibiza, and it is staying at a Holiday Village, flying from any northern airport with good flight times and is between £5k and £6k.


    I am not a regular cruiser, and myself and my wife have a couple in the pipe line, so after mentioning this to her, she has called Bolsover Cruse Club this morning and they gave her 3 options to choose from. 1st one a 14-night cruise with Royal Caribbean on board the Navigator of the Seas for 14 Nights on the 22 Jul 2017, sailing from Southampton, and they quoted her £6436 with Free Car Parking. The 2nd choice was with P&O Cruises on board the Azura sailing on the 29 Jul 2017 for 14 Nights again from Southampton at a cost of £5824, she said that she got a double cashback saving if she booked this today? Then finally another P&O Cruise on board Ventura sailing on the 23 Jul for 12 Nights, again from Southampton with the double cashback saving, the price is £4874.


    So looking at the standards of the ships compared the land based holiday, the price of a cruise for a family in the school period is very good, thought I would share this with you for any other families out there considering what is best.

  6. I am not a well known cruiser, and I have yet too experience one, however being on this Cruise Club forum and now receiving regular offers from different cruise companies, I would like some advise what the Norwegian Fjords would be like at the end of April.


    The offer my wife and I have seen is aboard the Celebrity Eclipse 29 Apr 2017 for 7 Nights. The offer is a Concierge Balcony with a Free Drinks package, not sure which one, or what this actually entails. And also $200 On board spending money.


    I have heard that Celebrity cruises are a good cruise liner and more at the top end of the market, as we are slighlty older, feel this would be better suited. I am just a little dubious about the weather at this time of year, not having been to this area before.


  7. Mine is tails, and it isn't for any other reason other than i am quite a shy bloke, don't really voice my opinion, and my friends at school used to say i would walk as if i had done something and have my tail between my legs, but that is because i am just a shy bloke.

  8. What a fabulous opportunity to be able to do. I must say it seems absolutely madness to book 2 years in advance, and considering my age for myself and my wife, this would be too much of a risk for us. I myself have never done Usa and Canada on a cruise, but only on a coach, and if I had my time again would certainly be doing something like this. I am fairly new to cursing and it does appear that booking early is the right thing to do.

    I will say that I will be keen and certainly will be having a look at what exactly is coming out.

  9. Yes I do agree that it would be lovely to have the 6 weeks off, and they do get a decent amount of holidays, however they do a sterling job and i think as we were all kids once upon a time, i was fortunate to appreciate the 6 weeks off to re-charge, be a kid and play. So i think it would be dis-heartening for the kids of the future if they were to change the 6 weeks to 4, not just for the kids, but for those wanting a career in teaching, this is a massive perk! ( i know its not all play)

  10. Hey Everybody,


    I am fairly new to the Forum, and my myself and my Wife had a very engaging phone call from my Daughter last night about Bingo.


    She had been watching a programme last night, we are not really Television watchers, however I believe the programme was called 'First Dates'. She advised there was a couple on their and they were having a heated debate to whether playing Bingo is classed as a Sport.


    A young lady was bound to a Wheelchair, after having Cancer as a child and wasn't given long to live, but the young lady has pulled through, however finds it difficult to get in and out of places to meet new people.


    The one place she did not struggle was the Bingo Hall, and since then has met some lovely Ladies and has joined a group, and is apparently a sport.


    My Wife and I love to play Bingo, and always get involved wherever it is. We very much look forward to playing this on the Cruise Ships also.


    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic.

  11. That is very kind of you to say. Yes myself and my wife have been thier many many times, taking the children when they were younger, and now we like to re-live our memories, and now we also have grandchildren we like to take down. We are stopping in Perrenporth, we have visited this area a few times, again when the children were small, as its a lovely little town/seaside resort, very quite. How about you samfox01, are you going anywhere this year?

  12. I must say, my daughter does rave about her time on i believe it was the Ventura, and she went to the Caribbean for her honeymoon, and our granddaughter also went. She was just 2 when they went, and she is a very outgoing little girl, and she absouletly thoroughly enjoyed the Kids club, they were out of this world according to my daughter, who can not rave enough about them.

    They used the night nursery a few nights, and what a brillant thing to be able to have free of charge also.


    I must say that it wasnt a cheap holiday they went on, however it was worth more the money knowing our granddaughter enjoyed it and its all she would like to do again.

  13. WOW, this looks absouletly incredible i must say Katie_cruise. I am very new to the cruising industry and have recently booked my Regent Cruise, however at the other end of the spectrum this would be a completly different holiday, that I am sure my grandchildren would be thrilled to be aboard this ship.

  14. So, my wife and I have finally booked our Cruise, and we have gone of the Navigator of the Seas on Regent. As this is our first time and never cruised before, we travelled up to Bolsover Cruise Club to book this and what we could not fault them at all. We saw a lovely young lady, who was extremely knowledgeable and got very excited about our first cruise.

    We have booked the following if anyone else is on this sailing?





  15. What great advise Land Ahoy, I do thank you for your tips. I had not considered or looked at Crystal cruises, however taking your knowledgeable advise on board i will do some re-search. I myself would be very keen to take part in one activities. What a great forum for great advice.

  16. Thank you for your comments Sammy Sun,


    I have considered these two cruise lines, as we do like our fine luxury holidays and also going to exquisite destinations.  Yes I quite agree, Seabourn do look a little more luxurious, my wife and I are thinking of something for the year of 2017, somewhere possibly further afield, in the exotic regions. I don't suppose one has seen anything that looks particularly interesting?

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