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  1. Over recent years my wife and I have detected a clear change in dress codes but most significantly on Princess. On a recent cruise there was no enforcement of the tie-wearing rule in the restaurant on a formal night and few men were attired in tuxedo or dress suits - the ladies dressed much better, naturally. However, what was really annoying was sitting in the theatre next to a large, and noisy, non-British passenger who appeared to still be wearing the vest, shorts and sandals that he'd been wearing all day. No further comment is necessary...
  2. I'm surprised nobody has raised this topic. We have just returned from an 18 night cruise on Arcadia to the Mediterranean and have discovered that P&O has abandoned the previous "pay as you go" system for on-board internet access. Now the charging is for a 24-hour period from about £7 for access to social media only, through £12 to use e-mail and to £25 for full access including downloads etc. As quite high-level Peninsula Club members we were given no advance notice and we were not alone in making a fuss on board. Clearly the staff at the sharp end are embarrassed. The Librarian sent
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