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  1. fantastic idea especially with the music cruises on P&O being so few and far between
  2. I see MSC Cruises are being forced to delay the christening of their latest ship MSC Seaside. They say: "This additional time is necessary to fully ready MSC Seaview and -- most importantly -- to ensure she is fit to provide the holiday experience guests have come to expect from MSC Cruises." What impression do you think that gives of MSC? Surely they’ve had enough time to make sure everything is ready for a pre-planned deadline but on the other hand, is it a positive for them being willing to forego the plans they’ve made to make sure the ship is exactly as it should be?
  3. I used the watch band on anthem of the seas which worked ok but was one of the early cruises so didn't work every time. We had to make sure we had the key card to hand just in case. For kids its brilliant idea as the can go in the pool with it on
  4. I think this is a brilliant idea princess cruises have been doing this for a while and its very efficient. we went on balmoral with fred olsen last year and the staff were manually checking passengers on a list which took quite a while.
  5. Hi Dan We did the Rome on your own trip. We found this trip perfect for us. We managed to see all the sights at our own pace. There was also a hop on hop off bus and P&O were selling tickets for this on the transfer bus up to Rome. it was a couple of years ago now but was only 20 euros each, fantastic value.
  6. as a first cruise I would book the excursion to Bruges until you are familiar with where you are going. Guernsey Is apparently really easy to get round so I would be tempted to just have a wander.
  7. we enjoy land based as well as cruise holidays so try to vary it a bit
  8. Bolsover always make me laugh with the April fools jokes. They get better each year!
  9. Regent does look very good and especially after reading the recent review in Bolsover's Into the Blue magazine it looks even more appealing.
  10. Nice to see something different
  11. Hi The port is next to a retail outlet with a premier inn next to it.
  12. This could be one to look at but I wonder how they will make it different or be able to compete with other established cruise lines
  13. we've always paid the gratuities by the night on P&O not by the day
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