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  1. Thanks for the quick reply .. We are thinking of doing a walking tour of the hidden Venice with a local guide , we will be given details of meeting place ( gps I believe ) so I will Google it and plan our route . Thanks again .
  2. Whereabouts do the cruise ships dock in Venice ?We ve never been before so this is all new to us .Hoping to do a walking tour with a local guide so we will need to find the meeting point . Thanks
  3. Hi can' t offer any advise on the excursion front but can say that P&O are ok with taking alcohol back on board .We were never stopped when we had more than the odd bottle or two ...or a few ( 8 or so ) small lagers but obviously only for consumption in your cabin..
  4. Part 3. Going ashore and trip booked through RCI. ... A couple of ports of call involved using a local shuttle bus for €5 each . I would have hoped that RCI would have stressed to the company used that this needed to be a snappy service ... In Valencia it was anything but. We got off the ship to be greeted with a a queue almost the full length of the ship for the shuttle bus. Many people ourselves included then paid for a taxi rather than stand waiting . The bus service staff on board had told us that the taxi companies were charging €20 to the outer gates of the port . This was a b blatan
  5. Part 2 .... luggage was delivered promptly and we started to unpack knowing we had Muster stations about 4 pm . It was I feel a lot more thorough than P&O in that each station has a list of passengers expected at that station and we were checked off the list on arrival . There's no hiding in you cabin to finish the unpacking as I've heard on other ships . If you don't attend the staff come and find you . We returned to the cabin to finish unpacking and then went up top for the Sailaway and to explore the ship. The flow rider and climbing wall are towards the back of the ship together w
  6. I will try to keep this brief but forgive me if I waffle on a bit ! Travel to Southampton : we booked Eavesway coach services and it ran as smoothly as we expected . Picked up on time and once the luggage was on board we were quickly on our way . On arrival at the port it was a bit busy traffic wise as there were other cruise ships in that day, Arcadia, Queen Elizabeth and a Princess ship but can't remember which. The queues were long for checking in , not helped by the fact that passengers from the preferential boarding queue were sent to the head of our check in line in order to get the
  7. We re on Independence of the Seas on Saturday and so excited . First time with RCI so we re wondering if it will be much different from P&O. I have a huge pile of things to pack but think it will get thinned out a bit at the last moment .
  8. On P&O ships the leaf pattern on the carpet points to the front of the ship . Also any artwork featuring ships point the correct way .
  9. I will get the ball rolling ... Each morning when we re in a new port of call I take a photo of the cabin newsletter supplied for that day . It will have that days port of call as headline and stops all those arguments of 'where we're we when you took that photo ?'
  10. Aphrodites bath in Cyprus .. We walked miles in the baking sun to look in awe and wonder at a dried up puddle !
  11. I'm excited cos 2 weeks today we will be at Trowel services waiting for our coach pick up to Southampton. Booked Med cruise on Independence of the Seas over 12 months ago and can't believe it's almost here . Suitcases out of the loft this weekend and packing list written !!
  12. Thanks for the replies ,, I too start off ok and then turn into a bit of a poker ,.. just poke it in there ..Like most people I pack far too much but I'm really trying to get it right next time . Last time we cruised we had a small suitcase full of clothes we hadn't worn ... mostly hubby's !!
  13. Hi , I read an article on line the other day that covered different ways of packing a suitcase ,the first was the regular fold flat and tuck it in method , the second was rolling items and the third was placing your suitcase upright on its wheels and layering items from the bottom up ,, I think they were folded and stacked. I do a bit of all 3 methods and I haven't had to use an iron on arrival anywhere . What method do other people use ,any tips?
  14. Hi , thanks for the welcome . It will be the first time we ve cruised with Royal Caribbean, our other cruises were with P&O so we're expecting things to be bit different . Has anyone got any tips or suggestions that might help us to get the most out of our holiday ? We re both similar age , same birthday actually but I was a child bride , haha .
  15. Hello , just found this forum , hoping to be able to pick up some hints and tips for our up coming cruise . Going on Independence of the Seas in a couple of weeks and really looking forward to it . It's been booked for ages and the count down is ticking .
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