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    Hampshire Hog got a reaction from RobBar in Where do you get your travel insurance when cruising?   
    As with most insurance it depends upon what you decide to declare, but if you miss something that you later rely on in submittiing a claim it gives them an excuse to wriggle out of payin up.  Age goes against you after 75 with a lot of firms as does the health problems you have had in the past even when controlled for years by tablets. It's a bind but there is only one way to get a reasonable quote and that is to shop around if you have the time,
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    Hampshire Hog got a reaction from WAVES in Weather   
    Does the weather have you reaching out for the brochure, pick up the phone or make a booking on the internet?  It did me, Well that is how I got into cruising way back in the early 1970's .  I was at work in the November, absolutely fed up with the incessant rain we had been having and picked up the brochure I had taken in to read that lunchtime. Next minute I was on to the company and within minutes had booked my first Cruise with P & O for Christmas & New Year to the Caribbean for 23 days on the old Canberra. Loved every minute of it and went for the following 2 years on her before trying 3 other cruise lines CPC, Finn Lines and Fred Olsen.   
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to Hampshire Hog in Princess Cruises To Appear In Fly-On-The-Wall Documentary   
    Looking forward to seeing this programme, although I have heard good reports and no critism's of Princess, have never travelled with them. Why don't they use the Pound when sailing from the UK?  Perhaps this is the reason why I have steered clear, all that messing around with dollars!!!!!!
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to dst87 in Does Anyone Iron In The Nude?   
    Well this certainly is an... odd conversation!
    I'm all for pictures in copious quantities, but in this thread I'm inclined to agree!
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to Hampshire Hog in Aurora   
    There will plenty of new cabins for families on the Britannia, so what's the problem especially when they get rid of the hated Oriana. Just read recent comments on Oriana and Aurora is much preferred and has never had too many children on board when I have cruised on her, even at Christmas
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    Hampshire Hog reacted in Aurora   
    From March 2015 P&O will have 8 ships and do not think there will be the need for 4 adult ships and having recently cruised on Oriana IMO she will be sold in the not too distant future.
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    Hampshire Hog got a reaction from portholepolly in Alcohol   
    Each time I have sailed on a P & O cruise from Southampton we take one small suitcase which I carry on board and contain some drinks i.e. a wine box, some bottles of tonic, Gin and Brandy which we consume on the balcony before dinner during the cruise. Never have we been stopped from doing this. The bottles in some cases were the duty free variety which we purchased on our previous cruise so you see we are not really big drinkers. Mother in Law loves calling into Cadiz where she can get a sherry unobtainable in the UK, another bonus of cruising.
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to Kenswayken in Celeb Spotting   
    Matt Lettisier was on Azura , Central Med this summer! very nice man.
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to The Skiers in Just Joined The Forum   
    We have just returned from our 22nd cruise. We started 17 years ago on Costa Romantica.   Our favorite ships are QM2 and Celebrity Eclipse, this year we went on IOS where we had a gold balcony so that we could look look at our reflection as we sailed along the Fiords. Later in the year then we returned to Princess and had a lovely cruise round the UK and a short cruise on Crown Princess. We live near Southampton  so it is really handy...
    The Skiers (Spending the kids inheritance sailing)
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to EMALIZ07 in how much did you pay???   
    I agree, why dont you just ask how much my salary is aswell, and my bra size?? i mean for goodness sake, how rude can some people be!!  
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to mikey1958 in Oceana is a fantastic ship! Highly recommended.   
    I've recently returned from a med cruise aboard the P&O Oceana and just wanted to share my fantastic experience!
    This is the second time my family and I have sailed with P&O (previously on the Ventura) and this time we couldn't fault the ship, itinerary or staff. We liked that the ship is smaller than the Ventura (less busy, easier to get around and see everything). The cabins were also lovely, I slept like a baby! Although the décor could do with an upgrade.
    The food was also great (try Café Jardin, it is worth the extra fee).
    In terms of the itinerary, we started at Southampton which was great for a young family - no airport hassle and crying children on the airplane. Check in was also very smooth and quick.
    We then stopped firstly at Madeira, then to La Palma, Tenerife, Lanzarote, and finally Lisbon.
    Madeira was a beautiful place and really gave us a great start to our holiday. Beautiful weather and scenery!
    Lisbon was also lovely although the port was very very busy - beware.
    There was also plenty to do at sea including some good films and four pools to play in during the nicer weather.
    If you're looking for a friendly ship look no further. All staff on board were very kind, and did all they could to ensure we had a great time (with 3 young kids we had thought it would be more stressful). Most people on board were British so we made some good friends on the first day, and dined with them for the rest of the week!
    Overall 9/10.
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to Tom Cruise in Oceana is a fantastic ship! Highly recommended.   
    My first cruise was on Oceana. Excellent friendly ship, would also recommend, especially to first time cruisers
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to vena72 in Oceana is a fantastic ship! Highly recommended.   
    i couldnt agree more just returned with my 2 teenager daughters from an spain and portugal cruise , had a fantastic time and brilliant for familes too :) x
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to sammy sun in Oceana is a fantastic ship! Highly recommended.   
    You are so right!! i couldnt agree more with this post!  My first ever cruise was on board Oceana and I loved it, the Horizon Grill was exceptional and our cabin steward Frank is still the best we've ever had, they looked after us so well, great holiday!
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    Hampshire Hog reacted to EMALIZ07 in Oceana is a fantastic ship! Highly recommended.   
    i agree, oceana is a fab ship, i love her more now since she had her little 'facelift' at the end of last year x
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