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  1. Looking forward to seeing this programme, although I have heard good reports and no critism's of Princess, have never travelled with them. Why don't they use the Pound when sailing from the UK? Perhaps this is the reason why I have steered clear, all that messing around with dollars!!!!!!
  2. Does the weather have you reaching out for the brochure, pick up the phone or make a booking on the internet? It did me, Well that is how I got into cruising way back in the early 1970's . I was at work in the November, absolutely fed up with the incessant rain we had been having and picked up the brochure I had taken in to read that lunchtime. Next minute I was on to the company and within minutes had booked my first Cruise with P & O for Christmas & New Year to the Caribbean for 23 days on the old Canberra. Loved every minute of it and went for the following 2 years on her before t
  3. There will plenty of new cabins for families on the Britannia, so what's the problem especially when they get rid of the hated Oriana. Just read recent comments on Oriana and Aurora is much preferred and has never had too many children on board when I have cruised on her, even at Christmas
  4. My first cruise was at Christmas onboard Canberra in 1971 with a group of single people travelling with the firm "Batchelors Abroad" to the Caribbean for 23 days. It was so good the whole lot of us rebooked for the next 2 years and having mixed with a number of passengers who always stayed on for the World Cruise thought how wonderful that would be. Little did I know that my dream was to be realised just 5 yeas later after being made redundant, I was the happiest man in the company as the company folded. The directors were astounded when I told them later that I went back to my office and had
  5. Anywhere thats hot and returning to Madiera on New Years Eve as it is just about the No1 spot for Fireworks
  6. You cannot go wrong with them. Have booked vertually every P & O cruise with them for over 15 years
  7. As with most insurance it depends upon what you decide to declare, but if you miss something that you later rely on in submittiing a claim it gives them an excuse to wriggle out of payin up. Age goes against you after 75 with a lot of firms as does the health problems you have had in the past even when controlled for years by tablets. It's a bind but there is only one way to get a reasonable quote and that is to shop around if you have the time,
  8. Lucy Thanks for the Forum . Have become an addict already as I keep wanting to say my littler piece whatever the topic. Nice to see Solent Richard whom I recognise from another well known Forum has joined.
  9. Hampshire Hog


    Just pleased that QVC came along after my parents had passed away as they could not resist a bargain which once bought from our local cheep shop(G & T's) was always passed on to me with the remark we knew you'd love it. I never had the heart to say no I don't.
  10. We always take our Santander 123 card and use it in Spain to get euros, anything left over is used on our next trip. By using a Spanish Cashpoint you are charged at the commercial rate on that day and not the tourist rate.
  11. Yes a real Gentleman, unusual for a footballer but we have had a number at the Saints over the years. Laurie McNenemy is another called into see my father in law when he was in hospital a number of years ago and I missed him as I had gone out to get a coffee. Shucks!
  12. Cruise Addict you say you are one and having been on a few cruises I think you could give us more tips than you receive.
  13. Why not say I don't discuss prices or none of your business that should shut them up. You pay at the time what was quoted and hopefully you were happy with it as value for money.
  14. Why do the Techies have to change things when the old site worked. No sooner than they "upgrade something" it never works so efficiently or just does not work at all and then takes months of fiddling to fix or the page is taken off line for weeks.
  15. Oceana is a fine ship and is now a favourite of many cruisers including myself. Cruise experiences are influenced by the attitude of the Captain and the way they handle their staff around the ship which does show and makes for a happy ship but some are more passenger friendly than others. I know which ones I prefer to sail under as they tend to be the younger generation and not always British.
  16. Each time I have sailed on a P & O cruise from Southampton we take one small suitcase which I carry on board and contain some drinks i.e. a wine box, some bottles of tonic, Gin and Brandy which we consume on the balcony before dinner during the cruise. Never have we been stopped from doing this. The bottles in some cases were the duty free variety which we purchased on our previous cruise so you see we are not really big drinkers. Mother in Law loves calling into Cadiz where she can get a sherry unobtainable in the UK, another bonus of cruising.
  17. Chusan was a well loved ship in a bygone era why not bring that one back.
  18. Scuppered by the US Immigration and their incompetence in dealing with their "Friends of the Special Relationship". They treat everyone as a terrorist. The queues their are much worse than at Heathrow. Don't blame P & O for giving them a wide berth but why not go to Canada Greenland Iceland etc instead.
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