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  1. Ged

    Electronic Smoking

    If it's the smells that's the concern rather than carcinogens, allergens etc. then keep me out of it. I don't mind telling Smokin' Joe that he's in the wrong place, but telling Sweaty Betty and Garlic Gordon that they stink is way beyond my pay grade. By the way, not being a smoker, I had a look round the general rules online for e-cigs and smoking on board. There are variations, some allow e-cigs on balconies, some have smoke rooms but the weirdest was the "cigar room" on Cunard - cigar and pipe smokers are welcome, but cigs and e-cigs are not. Any Cunarders care to offer the thoughts
  2. Ged

    Electronic Smoking

    To add a little perspective to the topic, Fred Pearce (environmental consultant) reported in the New Scientist stating that 16 large ships produce as much Sulphur as ALL the world's cars. And here we are worried about a chap having a bacca on deck. As for vape sticks/e-cigs or whatever we call them, any pollutants emitted are minimal. If you're now worried and thinking of staying below deck, you should also avoid the people down there who wear perfume - not a chance. Synthetic fragrances are made from petroleum, as much as the label says 'essence of' x, y or z, unless the perfume was thous
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