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  1. Hi, I have signed up to get email alerts when someone replies to my topic, however in all communications from here the links do not work and bring me to a false non existent web page, this is down to a coding error where the developer has used a link from their hard drive rather then the internet.For Example.... this is the link i get: /forum/topic/3957-hi-all/?view=getnewpost and when i click on it this is what i get Redirect Notice The previous page is sending you to an invalid url (http:///forum/topic/3957-hi-all/?view=getnewpost). If you do not want to visit that page, you can r
  2. Oh one thing off topic..... when i get emailed notifications about replies to my thread the links in the email do not work so i have to keep this page open. maybe onion who knows admin could tell them
  3. Hi thank you, Well on the Queen Vic there was so much we didn't like, the staff were not friendly, The food in main resteraunte was awful. In the one bar that served food, served the same food every day. We sailed for the 175 celebrations and we were told where we could stand on Deck and we could see the deck below and they got food and drink also that night we were presented with a picture of the 3 Queens meeting i commented that how did they get the images so quickly, when i noticed the ships were in the wrong order, a schoolboy error which irritated me. so i got the oppertunitiy to say it t
  4. Tushers66


    Leaving the UK on Sunday en route to Hawaii, we too are doing the pre cruise stay in Honolulu super excited, any recommendations apart from whats already written? Our hotel is on Wakikki Beach so excited.
  5. Leaving to go on this on Sunday around Hawaii, anyone been on her? Any tips? do's and dont's? Its my 50th birthday on the 28th and not sure if we should have dinner in the main dining room or go to a speciality and if so we don't know which one to do. TIA x
  6. Hi, im Fidelma (an Irish Name), We have been on 5 cruises and leave on Sunday for our 6th to celebrate my 50th birthday. We fly to Hawaii for 2 days before our cruise around the islands, we are so excited. We have done 4 cruises with various Royal Caribbean line, 1 on the Queen Victoria (we didn't like at all) and now going on Celebrity. Don't know what to expect but super excited
  7. ​Hi, I'm new here and this is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing. We have done several cruises nd going on our 6th on Sunday around Hawaii on Celebrity, so excited, hope these arrive in time x
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