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  1. We have always opted out of gratuities as a point of principal as we wish to tip who we want to, it now seems that P&O are trying to shame passengers into feeling guilty by printing on any slip you sign for the wording " OPTED OUT", I think this is out of order as this is our choice. I contacted P&O customer service and was told this now the practice, come on P&O pay your staff a decent wage [problem gone]
  2. Different stroks for different folks, done both and prefer adult only. got youngters and grand kids at home don't need them on holiday. Been on ships that have not been adult only and have been disappointed, never had the problem you stated, best look for better company [the 70/80 at least like to talk and don't spend ignorant time on pads and phones].
  3. Good on P&O, great news. Lets have more.
  4. Adult Only [GREAT], will get our business
  5. If cruise lines paid staff a real wage this would not a problem to debate, we opt out and pay the staff member I choose.
  6. As the saying goes, you pays your money and takes your choice, as for ourselves if we could not have a balcony without the lifeboat then we would not go.
  7. We have used Bolsover and no one else, service is our top priority if price is a problem then stay at home, looked at other agents out of interest and Bolsover is number one for us.
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