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  1. This is the most ridiculous idea. Next will be reserving seats in the theatre followed by seats in the various bars etc. but hush the cruising lines are not making enough money out of us holiday cruisers already - are they?
  2. bac

    How much did you pay???!!

    As I Understand it there are so many grades of cabins with their various prices, changes of price dependant on how near to sailing date it is, T.A. differences , loyalty bonuses, etc.etc. so comparison is very difficult. What I pay is my business and dependant upon the deal I can get. I just don't care I'm Happy with what I've got otherwise I wouldn't be on that cruise.
  3. bac

    P&O Gratuities

    It appears that this is a subject where there are no definitive answers. Almost every forum about cruising this the Tipping question arises so here is my two penny worth I do not agree with tipping in advance. To me the tip is a show of gratitude for service over and above the expected and to encourage excellent service in the future. Why should a surly waiter who dumps your plate in front of you be rewarded the same as the pleasant smiling waiter who is taking a pride in his work? Another point just who in their right mind saves thousands of pounds for a touch of luxury holiday then leave a £200 + tip in advance for a service yet to be given? To my mind tips should be down to the individual and not the company providing the service. This argument will continue, I believe, even if the company where to provide a breakdown of exactly where those tips are distributed and the criteria necessary for the crew to receive them. I do not consider tips to be a way of propping up the company’s poor pay (in comparison to U.K. wages)
  4. bac

    Brittania cruise

    As I understand it the Captain is ultimately responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers. If he/she decides that the tender cannot be used safely then only a fool would challenging the decision. as to compensation well ports can be missed for a number of reasons on my last cruise we missed out Tallinn (?) Estonia because the authorities would not allow the ship to leave St. Petersburg and we had to spend an extra night there. Compensation ? who should pay for that? Russia? The Captain? P&O? The travel Agent? The itinerary is subject to change according to the small print which I and everyone else accepted.
  5. Brilliant idea and so simple. Yes it can be a bit of a pain in the a... but when all is said and done a) you definitely know where to go b) you know that your life-jacket is ok c) it only takes a few minutes
  6. bac

    “Shorts” Story long tail

    A little while back I was staying in a hotel and enjoying my breakfast when 3 young women in pyjamas and dressing gowns arrived in the restaurant and were refused permission to enter because of a dress code. If they can enforce it politely then why can't a cruise ship?
  7. But these people don't use the gel at hospital just stand and watch how many just walk past
  8. bac

    Tours to Rome

    Just a warning about visiting Rome make sure it's not on a Sunday. Museums are closed this includes the Sistine Chapel.