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  1. I'm in no doubt that these initial cruises will sell out, but long term without young families I think cruiselines could struggle to get the clientele onboard consistently to make it profitable. Most cruiselines with their newer ships are now more often than not geared up for the younger family market, climbing walls, dodgems, go karts etc etc, so I suspect families with younger children certainly won't be cruising for sometime if vaccine passports are required, at present it appears that only adults will be vaccinated and from what has been said under 18's don't feature in any future vac
  2. Hi Pesky hope you are well. How do you think the vaccination passport will work for those who medically can't have the vaccine or those younger generations who will not be given the option to have the jab? Obviously youngers may be less affected by the virus, but they are still carriers, will countries allow them in, similarly with those who can't have it for whatever reason, would cruiselines be able to refuse a booking in those circumstances, can they discriminate in those circumstances? What a minefield. Regarding cruises to nowhere and onboard restrictions, not for me, I thi
  3. Hi Jenjen. Very sorry to hear of your loss, my mother sadly passed away recently and her funeral is on Wednesday so I can empathise with you at this time. As has been said there is a lot of positivity regarding solo cruising (apart from the single supplement) of course, but I can understand your anxiety. When you feel the time is right, maybe pick a cruise with an itinerary or port that you both have found memories of it may bring you some comfort. Take care. HLM.
  4. I've got a lot of respect for Van Tam and Whitty dealing with this pandemic, they've done a fantastic job in unprecedented circumstances pity Boris didn't take all the advice offered. Believe me I'm happy the elderly and vulnerable are being prioritised having seen first hand what this virus is capable off (mother in nursing home caught virus) but the fact still remains that without a mass role out to the young the virus will continue to spread and as there's still no real certainty how long the vaccine protects, the most vulnerable and the NHS will still be at risk. On another note
  5. See the contact us link on the bottom left of this page. HLM.
  6. I'm very sceptical that it will eliminate 99% of hospital admissions and deaths. Throughout this pandemic the governments main message has been "stay home, stop the spread, protect the NHS" we've endured two national lockdown and various other measures such as face masks etc all to stop the spread, yet those who the government claim to be the super spreaders are very unlikely to be vaccinated any time soon, it's already been said there is no timeframe for when the general population will get vaccinated, seems a strange strategy to me?? Like millions across the country I've put my lif
  7. Absolutely Sinbad can't disagree, but the difference is there a lot is still unknown about this virus or it's longterm effects. What is also baffling is they are vaccinating the most vulnerable to stop them getting the virus, yet from what the scientists are saying those spreading the virus are the younger generation yet no immediate plans to vaccinate them, so the while young super spreaders continue to spread the virus I can't see no end to this, it'll continue to go round and round in circles. HLM.
  8. Whilst the news is positive about a vaccine, I think there should still be a lot of caution. From what I understand the vaccine like the current flu jab doesn't give total immunity but will stop hospitalisation in many cases, they also don't know yet if it can still be transmitted by those immunised to those who ain't. When you look at how it's going to be rolled out the likelihood of it getting it to the mass population any time soon is still a long, long way away. As someone who falls into the unlikely to get a vaccine category, there's still to much uncertainty for me for me
  9. Hope you did not mind me asking, but it's just there's been so many differing views about the restrictions onboard with an equal divide as to whether people will or will not cruise with them in place. I personally have decided not to cruise with onboard restrictions in place, it'll be interesting what experiences people do have when cruising finally opens up again. HLM.
  10. Good morning 2torts. Could I ask if your cruises do go ahead would you still go with restrictions onboard in place, such as face masks, social-distancing etc? HLM.
  11. Good question OWT. I personally don't see the cruise industry returning to any sort of normality for at least a couple of years even with a vaccine. I wouldn't even consider cruising until restrictions are lifted, cruising with face masks, social distancing, dining and shore restrictions doesn't appeal. It must be so difficult for Bolsover in the current circumstances, so I guess selling land based holidays is a way of keeping their head above water, but again in the current climate and travel restrictions not sure how viable it will be long term. Take care and stay safe ev
  12. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jenjen, stay strong. HLM.
  13. I think it's the uncertainty of any new arrangements that will ultimately cause the most concern for cruise lines and travellers alike. If I had future cruise credit then I'd consider thinking of something a fair way ahead, but without it no chance, I just can't see how in the current situation the industry can ensure the safety of it's passengers without some sort of vaccination or effective drug in place, my thoughts are the same with flying not a chance of getting on a plane at the moment . HLM.
  14. Hi Towny. Hopefully for you by February things will have significantly improved and restrictions if any will be minimal. On the other hand if things have not significantly improved restrictions could potentially include cruising with facemasks, very limited ports of call, allocated dining times, no self service buffet etc etc, I can't see many wanting to cruise with those type of restrictions in place, especially at the current prices I've seen. Just my opinion, but unfortunately I think we are at least a year away from cruising normality. HLM.
  15. I personally haven't commented on the original post because I don't have an opinion either way. Regardless of what the CDC or CLIA's opinions are cruising of any sort will not get back to normal for a very long time either here or the US, Spain I believe have very recently announced that no cruise ships will be entering their ports for the remainder of this year others I'm certain will follow. I certainly don't want to cruise again whilst various enforced restrictions are in place. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1301949/Spain-coronavirus-holidays-travel-covid-cruise-cru
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