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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Tally in VIRGIN CRUISES   
    They will no doubt be all fly cruises so not for me.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to donag in How much did you pay???!!   
    I get asked this fairly regularly, because I'm travelling on my own and paying single supplement. It is  normally because they are sympathetic to us singles having to pay extra.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to The Bennett's in How much did you pay???!!   
    My reply is always "what I was comfortable with - if i had thought it wasn't good value I wouldn't have booked it in the first place".
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Debs2010 in How much did you pay???!!   
    Quite right.  Just be happy that you are fortunate to have a holiday and enjoy yourself rather than worrying what others have paid.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to MikeLowry in How much did you pay???!!   
    Is there anything more frustrating than being asked this question on holiday? Just leave it alone! I don’t get why people need to ask this question, in fact I think it’s rude to do so.

    What do people get from asking this? If you’ve paid less than I have I’m going to feel a bit hard done by, if it’s the other way around, you’re going to feel hard done by, so let’s just agree to be happy that we’re on board and just enjoy ourselves! We were happy with the price when we booked it otherwise we wouldn’t have booked it would we?

    The question should be outlawed and passengers should be fined if they're caught asking it, or better yet, thrown off at the next port. That would make me much happier.

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    oldbiddy1 reacted to afcandrew in Do you have to have the new watch keys for your cabin or can you still opt for the usual cruise card?   
    I am just a bit of a luddite Sammy.  I do have a smart-phone (which I only use for calls/texts and the odd bit of internet access) a laptop and a tablet.  BUT, give me a proper book with pages, an old-fashioned menu at dinner and a waiter to serve my wine, not a robot 
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to *Dancing Queen* in •What would everyone like to see on the next series of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’?   
    Think the new series starts on Tuesday.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Furby in •What would everyone like to see on the next series of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’?   
    im sure i saw a new lot of mighty cruise ships being advertised on there the other day
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to cruise chef in •What would everyone like to see on the next series of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’?   
    For all those who have commented about wanting to see more of the ship, if you are lucky enough to have the QUEST channel on your TV then keep an eye out for the mighty ships when they feature cruise ships. This usually gives you a better feel for the ship as its is about the ship rather than the celebrity
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to sinbad10 in Jane Mcdonald goes cruising @   
    We once sailed back from Caribbean on Oceana and while having afternoon tea in buffet restaurant we were approached and asked if we would mind if he joined us and chatted. He said that he was on his own and nobody would approach and chat to him and if he sat on a table on his own nobody would ask to join him. It was Andrew Sachs who was doing a Performing Arts talk during the cruise and we had a pleasant chat with a lovely gentleman.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Pesky Pirate in Jane Mcdonald goes cruising @   
    Rather than having what might be termed celebrities doing these shows it would make them more interesting if they did them from a passengers point of view.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to HLM in Jane Mcdonald goes cruising @   
    That really surprises me Sinbad, I'm no Jane McDonald fan but from what I've seen of her she comes across as a what you see is what you get kind of gal, no heirs or graces.
    I enjoyed the last series, however we could've done without her having to sing at the end of every episode, with the exception of amazing grace.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Crogers in P&O launching drinks packages   
    Well done Sinbad10 in handling it so well!
    So if I go on a cruise and find on disembarkation a man shackled to Reception as I leave I know that it is you having a dispute 😂😂😂
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to sammy sun in P&O launching drinks packages   
    Surely P&O will follow suit soon. They must be considering it with so many rival brands already having them in place. Look at the success Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have had since they started offering packages on board. Not forgetting NCL too since they made the switch to all-inclusive. It's an expense that will always worry passengers so to have a drinks package in place takes that stress and concern over on board spend away. It alleviates the worry for people as they know they have a package and what that package entails.
    The only thing I can think that is holding P&O back from it at the moment is their concern that some guests may abuse the packages. They may be considering how they could police it in a civilised way to prevent people from drinking too much. The drinking culture of us Brits is well-known around the world so that may be the issue on the minds of the P&O hierarchy.
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    oldbiddy1 got a reaction from Mayway in Big Ship Are Best   
    What we like about smaller ships is the fact that you can strike up a conversation, or just a good morning, regularly with passengers that you recognise.
    Agreed there is less choice of restaurant venues but there is ALWAYS some choice.
    The main failing on the smaller ships I think is that the choice of entertainment is not so good.
    Each to their own on the argument of large versus small however.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to sammy sun in Big Ship Are Best   
    OWT makes a good point. My other reason for enjoying smaller ship cruising over the years is that despite my preference being for larger ships due to the facilities, smaller ships do have a warmer welcome to them in my opinion. You are much more likely to bump into the same people, you're also more likely to be looked after by the same crew members, who in return learn your name too, as well as your drink preferences. It is a more intimate cruise experience in my opinion and many people love that so you can't just state that bigger ships are best.
    I like to mix it up and enjoy different cruising experiences. Hence my enjoyment of both larger and smaller ships.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Big Ship Are Best   
    There are over 300 different cruise ships sailing the oceans from huge down to miniature. It's all about what you like. I enjoy all size of ships but for different reasons. Each to their own but one thing worth remembering is that some of the older smaller ships have deeper draughts and will therefore ride the swells better. When the wind catches the modern high, flat sided ships they can roll like a drunk and yes I am talking from experience, ships rolling that is . Just my opinion as always.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to sammy sun in Has anyone submitted a name for the new P&O ship?   
    I would tend to agree but I do think that if I am right and it is a PR stunt, then it is extremely clever and well thought out. They'll be getting more visitors to their site than the norm, some of which may well decide to have a browse around whilst they're on there and they've captured a wide audience to get involved in their new ship. It beats a simple news story about a keel laying ceremony or just announcing the launch date. Instead of flat news like that, they've gone down a different road and I think it's a shrewd move.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Has anyone submitted a name for the new P&O ship?   
    A 180,000 gross tonne ship designed to carry between 5 and 6,000 passengers possibly aimed at the younger generation. Ask the public for a name, what could possibly go wrong.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to sammy sun in Future Cruise Deposits.   
    Personally, I can't see this being a success. I think the option of being able to apply a future cruise credit to a booking when you've had more time to choose is a better concept than just allowing bookings whilst on board. I can imagine some people will do it but like seawitch says, I can't see many people wishing to give up half a day on board to firstly queue up and then secondly sit down and decide on something till they're ready to book. Many people like to take their time, check their dates and decide on their own, not under pressure whilst on board. I think it's a mistake to remove them.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to RayO in Solo Travelling on P&O's Ventura   
    I shall be travelling solo with my daughter and her husband on Ventura next week. In order to give them time on their own I shall be looking out for some solos events. I do not attend the morning get togethers mainly because I'm not a morning person. A pre-dinner drink would suit me better, I'll look out for that.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to june63 in Are crew members getting the tips given from your onboard accounts?   
    We were told exactly the same on our last cruise but I would ask the question "What happens if the passengers do not fill in a questionaire?"
    We always cancel the auto tips and hand over cash. At least that way we know that the tips went to the person deserving them. What happend after that is not our problem. We also heard that waiters in 'Freedom Dining' dont get any tips at all and that is why they rotate between dining rooms. 
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Fue in Pre Cruise Hotel With Safe Parking In Southampton   
    This is my 1st post !!!
    We usually travel down to Southampton the day before from Yorkshire. We stay at the DE Vere New Place, Which isn't in Southampton but out in the peaceful country side.  We book their cruise package which include dinner, bed & breakfast, parking & a taxi to & from Southampton.
    A great place to start your holiday with lovely staff.
    We always leave our cruise luggage in the car with no problems.
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    oldbiddy1 reacted to Captain Kidd II in Pre Cruise Hotel With Safe Parking In Southampton   
    Hello, Fue - welcome to the Forum. Thank you for this suggestion. I met a couple, last week, who had done just the same thing. In the end I booked at the Holiday Inn Express - M27 which turned out to be really good. We used CPS parking for the cruise but the Hotel car park had full cctv and you could use the luggage room if you wanted. The evening meal was a superb Indian and very good value. I could not complain about the room and the earlier you book the cheaper it is. We are going there again on our next cruises.
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    oldbiddy1 got a reaction from KeithnRita in Tell us about your next cruise   
    We are sailing to the Norwegian Fjords on Arcadia at the end of May. We have been to this area on a couple of previous cruises but we love the scenery especially in Geiranger fjord.
    We had a 2 nighter on Britannia at Easter - just to have a look at the ship. Interior décor is great but we found the layout of the ship very confusing!
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