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  1. Hello Looby Oceana is small compared to Brittania but big compared to Artemis or Adonia. It's all relative as they say to what you are comparing the ship with I guess. In my post I referred to smaller ships not necessarily small ships!!
  2. What we like about smaller ships is the fact that you can strike up a conversation, or just a good morning, regularly with passengers that you recognise. Agreed there is less choice of restaurant venues but there is ALWAYS some choice. The main failing on the smaller ships I think is that the choice of entertainment is not so good. Each to their own on the argument of large versus small however.
  3. I have noticed some new ports on Aurora R807 Baltic cruise in Northern Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Luthuania, unfortunately Hubby doesn't fancy that area! Cruise A817 on Azura to Iceland Scotland and Ireland looks interesting too. As I have always wanted to do a British Isles cruise X809 seems perfect but it is on Oriana. We have never sailed on that ship and it does seem a bit old now let alone in 2 years time so I really don't know what to do now. Only a few days till the bookings open!
  4. We are sailing to the Norwegian Fjords on Arcadia at the end of May. We have been to this area on a couple of previous cruises but we love the scenery especially in Geiranger fjord. We had a 2 nighter on Britannia at Easter - just to have a look at the ship. Interior décor is great but we found the layout of the ship very confusing!
  5. Looking forward to cruising to Norway in 2016

  6. Can any members tell me if P&O still send out a brochure giving details and times and costs of excursions together with luggage labels PRIOR to the cruise commencing
  7. We are booked on that cruise and I am waiting to see what excursions P&O will be offering over the course of the cruise. I know they will be expensive though so have been wondering about using the company "Cruise Excursions" as they are cheaper. Have any fellow members here any experience of using Cruise Excursions please?
  8. My husband and I are sailing on Arcadia at the end of May 2016 to Stavanger, Flaam, Alesund, Andalsnes, Trondheim, Geiranger, Olden and Bergen. To do one of the ships' excursions at each port would be far too expensive for us pensioners so I would appreciate any advice from the experienced cruisers on this forum site as to which of the above ports/towns we can easily explore on our own please. Personal experiences can be more enlightening than the travel pages of brochures I think!
  9. I have never been stopped and had alcohol removed when boarding any P&O ship. But only ever taken one bottle back on board.
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