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  1. Just to advise that the cases when closed would not quite fit under the beds but fitted fine when opened. On another tack the cruise was really good, and the weather was exceptional. First time we had been to Norway and Svalbard, most impressed. Cannot find any links on Oriana's last cruise. Is there any?
  2. Thanks all for your welcome advice. As it happens the old suitcases were well worn and needed replacing, it was my better half who worried if they would fit under the bed. Hopefully the cases will see the underside of a few more ships beds before we have to call it quits. On a different tack, it looks like Oriana's final cruise is a sell out as I have not seen it advertised recently. Looking forward to it.
  3. Hello Pesky Pirate. I never knew that. Wonder if anyone can confirm or otherwise?
  4. She WMBO has decided to renew our suitcases with more modern items which are 30cm in depth. On our previous cruises we have always tucked our suitcases under the beds. Please please tell me that they will still fit under the beds when we sail on Oriana for its final cruise in July as cabin space is limited at best. Fingers crossed.
  5. Thanks 2torts. We might bump into each other!
  6. Hello all. My first post. I agree with all the above posts relating to infectious diseases. Air conditioning is not mandatory for germs to spread, any captive audience in a confined space will suffice. I was an Engineering Officer with P&O-Orient Line between 1956 and 1963 and remember when a complete deck's accommodation was commandeered as an isolation area, packed with patients with Asian Flu when we docked at Tilbury. I forget the year but the ship was either the Orcades or Oronsay and neither ship was air conditioned at the time. Having said all this I just hope that the crew an
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