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    Opting out of auto tipping

    I saw him , for many years of cruising I have felt after talking to crew that we are all supporting the cruise lines wage bill. which is not what tipping is all about. I have always tipped to those directly that have given good service & I feel happy that they get what they deserve that way
  2. cruisedirector

    Christmas Cruises

    new year cruise more fun to go on than Christmas from past experience
  3. cruisedirector

    Making Our Own Way.

    15 minute walk or take the port shuttle bus
  4. steer clear of short NCL cruises!
  5. cruisedirector

    The Bolsover Challenge

    First class service from Lottie & April, pre registration for Cunard New Year Cruise 2016/17 required 6 cabins -the girls booked all six together -great price -good job done by team Bolsover
  6. cruisedirector


    nice Victorian pier also great seaside tram ride longest in europe
  7. cruisedirector

    Who Books The Onboard Bands?

    Bands and dancers etc on MSC all of a far higher standard than those currently on Cunard
  8. cruisedirector

    New Year

    In Amsterdam on Queen Victoria overnight for New Year
  9. cruisedirector

    British Isles

    Sailed on QM2 on its 5th birthday around Britain , great cruise to see our wonderful coastline fantastic welcome sailing up the Mersey into Liverpool would recommend it.
  10. cruisedirector

    What Will You Not Travel Without?

    Camera, torch & a box of my favourite havana cigars................
  11. cruisedirector

    Leaflet Flood

    On average I get 5 brochures/-mail shot cards by post a week! By email at least 2 a day! They have to do it - too many ships and not enough customers and they still continue to build larger ships!!