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  1. What a shame that the weekends seem to be filled with mindless people filling the pages with spam.
  2. I have just come back from Azura and nearly all the men wore tux on formal and around 60% of females wore long dress. Have a great cruise
  3. Wow Carnival Princess don't hold back you should say what you mean. So how is a tight wad defined? Is it the person who pays select fare let say on a balcony cabin ups their flight to premium, pays for an excursion in each port and goes to the speciality dinning to try each menu in each venue, buys all their drinks in the bars uses the shops and coffee bars but does not tip. Or is it the person who gets a saver fare on the cheapest inside cabin pays nothing more other than a couple of drinks but tip the steward £50 at the end of the cruise? TBH it bothers me not one bit
  4. During the day it is the usual casual wear with Christmas T-Shirts and Jumpers a plenty but formal at Dinner time is the norm the same for News Years Eve but you can change to informal after dinner for the deck party but not many do. Have a great time
  5. Give a tip or don't give a tip is up to the individual person to decide, again take off the auto tip and don't give anything or take it off to tip yourself or leave it on really when it boils down is nobodies business except the individuals. I am on my holiday I really don't care who does what, I do what I am happy with and it is no-one business but mine.
  6. Hi jinky, Azura does have a promenade deck although not a complete walk around, The Great British sail-away is easily avoided if you want and it only happens once really at the end of the cruise. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. I had always gone direct with P&O but often found that service could sometimes be good and often bad but my last cruise ended up being extra costly due to P&O putting my booking last in the pecking order so I decided never again. I was recommended to using Poppy at Bolsover and I have not been disappointed she has been terrific and looked after me very well so far, I have no difficulty recommending her to anyone and I know that this is how people feel about the staff throughout the Bolsover team. I know where all my future bookings will be going.
  8. For me Azura would be the ship of choice, Britannia was nice and there is no doubt she has some lovely features and spaces but I still prefer Azura.
  9. I agree 2torts I find the whole P&O site useless these days, nothing on it seems to work properly.
  10. I can only get page one this is not good
  11. I tend to agree with you Popsicle to me it looks like a ship full of cheap gimmicks but saying that I think this is the new trend of ship now.
  12. I see that Bolsover's Poppy Outram has been shortlisted for the "Agent of the Year" award, Having booked my next cruise with Poppy and seeing first hand what a fantastic job she does and how she is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure she does the best she can for her customers, I very much hope she wins this one. Good luck from me Poppy you deserve to win and I hope you do
  13. Sad to say but it does look like P&O are becoming a huge cash cow, from the moment you book more and more supposed extra's (which used to come as standard) are now available with an extra price tag. Going to the Caribbean? Any airport which isn't Gatwick oh the will be an extra £100pp (regional dontcha know) Want to sit together? well you can for just a small extra charge, as there is no seat price available for next year I expect it is rising. Upgrade to premium last year £299.00 this year it will be £349.00 again just a small increase. Select dinning at Epicurean (enhance your dinni
  14. Not for me I am afraid I do my own and at a smidge of the cost
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