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  1. Does anyone know what’s happening to our annual insurance? If we book a cruise for, say, October Insurer will not cover us so we are stuck. . In our 80s insurance wasn’t cheap and the months are ticking by. Anybody able to clarify this please?
  2. I have Nationwide Flexuplus current account which gives cover for car breakdown, loss of mobile phone and also whole-world,travel insurance. I am 82, he is 81 and we both have declared medical conditions the extra cost is £50 a year on top of monthly account charge. Happily weve never had to claim so don’t know how,good they are but I do know that Without existing conditions several companies mentioned wanted almost £1000 for annual cover.
  3. I did not complain because we were on a lower deck. I complained that the DOUBLE bed we had specified was ignored and I was told that despite booking on “select” basis, once passengers agree to accept upgrade they are treated as”Guaranteed” basis. Would a woman accompanying her elderly father or a middle-aged brother and sister travelling together be expected to accept “fixed double” when they had stipulated singles. I don’t think so. Before you join the “National Association of Belittlers” take the trouble to read what had been written.
  4. We did the repositioning cruise on Azura in March. As outside cabins were full we selected partly obscured with double bed and were ok with this. It was an early celebration of our 60th Wedding Anniversary. We were offered upgrade the day before sailing but found it was outside with narrow fixed twin beds. Reception not interested - said if we accepted upgrade we had to take what we were given. She said all cabins were same size but this one was so small we had to move coffee table to get to area with tea-tray and getting into bed we were constantly banging our heads and elbows on wall. (We a
  5. Thank you RayO. That was very helpful
  6. Just been looking at MSC cruises and wonder if somebody can explain difference between, e.g. , Outside Bella, and Outside Fantastica. How do Bella and Fantastica differ.
  7. I have to agree with FirstMate re taps. On our cruise on Eclipse I was scared I might break my nose as I bent over the basin. Minus specs the tap, which stretched across 2/3 of the basin, seemed further away than it was. Also the very modern square "overhead shower" did exactly that. The top of my head got a good soaking but my "up-and-unders" (I'm 5'2 and big-busted) were barely damp. The other Celebrity ships had slightly bettterntaps but the shower problems remained.
  8. First went to Venice 40 years ago when on holiday in Lido de Jesolo. Wonderful. Now, going as a cruise-ship passenger it’s too crowded to move. If you are over-nighting and have been before, what about taking your own trip to Verona. 2 years ago return rail fare was €13 from Santa Lucia station. Trains about every 30mins. Get to Station, buy ticket, get on train. So easy. Caution. Do not take train that says “treni alte frequenzi” as this is a stopping train and will take hours.
  9. P&Os new ship is to have a Central Atrium we learn. So what's new? On ships with central Atrium, whenever things are going on down there, it's impossible to hear anything in other lounges. Last year on Azura the pianist gave up on the "Guess the Tune" quiz because a salesman's pitch in the Atrium completely deafened speakers in the various venues. Also it was almost impossible to hear or be heard at reception because of the loud music from dancing classes, pop groups etc. Recently on a Celebrity ship a group played every evening until almost midnight. As the Library and other lounges we
  10. Just reached Elite status on Princess. Arrived at Southampton and immediately waved to small queue. About Two years ago arrived about 12.30 at Southampton for Fred Olsen cruise - superior outside guaranteed basis. We were kept waiting almost two hours as they were boarding passengers according to how much they had paid. Sitting in crowded terminal annoying as brilliant sunshine outside. most difficult boarding was Caribbean Princess from Southampton, but we weren't Elite at that point
  11. Approaching 81st Birthday I just wonder how you go on for Insurance when booking so far in advance. I still manage annual insurance at reasonable rate but in 18 months time I might not be eligible. Six months ahead is my maximum -most likely it will be 6 weeks.
  12. You chose exactly the right time, weatherwise, for that itinerary. Are you sure a drinks package isn’t included? It often is with higher grade cabins. Internet usually very expensive and not too reliable. Most cafes at various ports have free WiFi, as do many cruise terminals. Rule of thumb - follow the crew! You will see lots of lads with tablets and iPhones. They know where WiFi is free. You don’t mention ports to be visited. We usually do our own thing, but are seasoned cruisers and have holidayed in Italy. In Livorno it is easy and cheap to visit Pisa, but for Florence I would a
  13. Some years ago a woman said to her friend “I managed to dodge him with the hand gel when I went into the restaurant. Ha ha”. Another passenger rounded on her. “I’m in charge of Infection Control at a large hospital. People like you re The BANE OF MY LIFE!!!l. “. Exit red-faced woman. But when, on another cruise, I complained to the Head Waiter that some people were refusing to use hand sanitizer he shrugged and said “well, if they want to take the risk....”. The point is - it’s not them who are taking the risk. It is others who the hygiene-dodgers are putting at risk.
  14. Now if I could reserve a lounger on the Promenade deck (my favourite place on anybship) then my moneys yours
  15. You seem to have missed out on Fred Olsen. Although not classed as adult only, I have only once seen a family with two small girls (although the entertainment staff treated them as special). We have enjoyed excellent food, entertainment and company on these small shops. My big wish for P&O is that they give us more ships with retractable roofs. Several windy rainy days at sea on Azura make me long for Aurora or the Holland America Niew Amsterdam
  16. Iin May we disembark in Vancouver about 9.0am but flight leaves at 9.30pm. Any suggestions About trips etc. bearing in mind we will have luggage. Thanks
  17. Two weeks ago I booked cruise for 4 adults, paying a small deposit. Balance was due this week and, thanks to this mornings email from Bolsover CC I was able to finalise payment of £4000 using credit card. I booked airfare separately using BA site. The fares cost £1000 each premium Economy and I was required to pay just under £200 each to reserve our seats on the plane. I was horrified. Other airlines allow free reservation in upgraded seats - sadly BA was the only major airline on that route. Then at payment stage I saw I was being charged an extra NINETY-NINE pounds for using credit card. I
  18. We are looking for outside cabins on Star Princess. Only available ones are P202 at very front on Plaza deck or A747 very back, near Terrace a pool on Deck 12. Has anybody been in these please? Thanks
  19. What exactly is fancy-dress? Many cruises have a “Tropical Night” and we’ve also been on one which had “Cowboy/Country & Western night”. Then on British ships there’s the “Red, white and blue night” with flag-waving etc. Where is the dividing line?
  20. A few years ago, on Ocean Village, passengers were asked not to use more than one mattress on sun beds. A young woman, topless and applying suncream to her bosom in a suggestive manner, had two mattresses. When I asked the pool-attendant to request her to give one up he said - without taking his eyes off her - But she is more comfortable with two!!!
  21. Most “Round Britain “ cruises include Dublin, which is not U.K. , and also some include Le Havre. For this reason a passport is needed Also, if you like a “flutter” on holiday the two Round Britain cruises we have been on had all casino tables and machines closed for the entire trip.
  22. Prices on P&O are similar to those in pubs here in Yorkshire (my favourite soft drink Appletiser is almost £1 less) and, unlike most other cruise lines, there is no 15/18% service charge. We just buy what we want and pay at the end. For Costa coffee drinkers there is a coffee card that gives a discount when used in the Atrium cafe but as I don’t drink coffee I’ve never bought one.
  23. As a (now retired)primary school teacher I had no problems getting time off in August - BUT my husband did. Several times I took my children away while he stayed home, working. The Government seem to think that because Parliament has long recesses 3 times a year, so does everyone else. If every parent in Britain took two weeks off during school holidays the country would be in a worse mess than it is already. Taking a child out of school for up to two weeks - EXCEPT during exam time does no harm.
  24. Three years ago we Went in mid-May and had a balcony cabin. As soon as we woke we opened the curtains and watched the scenery glide past as we lay in bed. Beautiful. There was still snow on the tops at Gerangerfjord but down below lovely sunshine. Our previous trip to fjords was late June/early July. It rained for 7 out of the 9 days! You just have to trust to luck.
  25. Thanks for that Sinbad. I don't feel nearly as ripped off paying 15% for self-service as 18%
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