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  1. All ships should provide free wifi in this day and age. I think it's a joke that some still charge and ridiculous charges at that!
  2. I think that the overall design of the ship is the same. However, i do believe they will both have a different feel and vibe onboard. All ships seem to have their own personality and you do find that sometimes some of the twins do have noticable differences on-board with the ambience yet to look at they may be identical. For example, Ventura and the Azura - they are sisters but my favourite is the Azura!
  3. Hello, Me again! Just thought i'd give you guys a head up on Reykjavik as i didnt cruise but i know some cruises do dock here! Cost of Living: Iceland is super expensive so be prepared! I've listed a rough average of things we incurred on or travel. A starter in a restaurant is approx £10pp A main can range between £20-£50pp (I would recommend googling the restaurant menus before you go as to not get caught out - avoid seafood restaurants and tapas as you will rack up a hefty bill) A can of soda - £3 A bag of sweets - £3 A pint of beer - £14 but £9 in happy hour Te
  4. Wow - i visited the night safari and the light show but completley forgot to write about them! I agree with you DavidH
  5. Before travelling to Singapore, I was unsure of what to expect upon arrival. I had obviously heard of the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands hotel with the amazing infinity pool on the top but other than that I was super lost. However, my thoughts now have completely changed. The first port of call, the airport is spectacular. I’ve never been to an airport with activities to do inside whilst you wait for your flight expect from shopping/eating? The Butterfly Garden is a must see. I mean a Butterfly Garden inside an airport?! There is also a cinema, Koi pon
  6. As i was nervous about travelling on the ship i thought i would post something to help others feel at ease!! Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised with the ship. I had heard from others she was starting to get tired and worn. However, my own personal thoughts disagree with this. I loved the feel of the ship and atmosphere on board was lovely. The atrium is gorgeous and a hub for many people throughout the day. I loved how bright and airy the atrium was it had a really pleasant feel about it. The décor was in between modern and traditional so I think suited everyone. The on-board shops
  7. Looking at some new makeup for my forthcoming cruise, anybody have any recommendations for good coverage foundation - i want to look photo shopped!!!!!
  8. Wow this sounds so good! I'm so excited any recommendations for SIngapore? What cruise line did you do?
  9. Thank you so much smtcan for your feedback! This has put my mind at peace a little bit, i hope we do get Aussies and Americans due to the language barrier! Any top tips for singapore we are doing 5 days!
  10. I have booked to go on a cruise and stay package in December with the Mariner of the Seas from Singapore - I'm slightly concerned that the entire sailing may just be of Asian Nationalities and being two british ladies i'm worried we'll have a bad experience? We've booked MYTime dining however, i do like the set dining but think this may be the best option? Has anybody sailed on anything similar before around the Far East and may have any top tips for us?
  11. I go to singapore in december that is approx 14/15 hours - i intend on knocking back some sleeping tablets
  12. Always use CPS and ABP - so much easier than messing around with the silly shuttle buses
  13. My friends went to honfleur from here on their last mini cruise and loved honfleur so much theyve booked to go back but on a weekend fly break just to honfleur!
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