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  1. Sounds fab!! dont happen to have any pictures?
  2. Following what others have been saying, didnt think it was a great name for such a grand ship
  3. I’ve seen Bolsover’s facebook page has been showing a few updates of the new Seabourn ship and it looks stunning. Seabourn is the dream for me. It’s the one cruise line I’d love to try just because they look in a league of their own. 
Has anyone sailed with Seabourn before? I love the look of the new ship and the whole yacht feel just seems something special to me. I know there are Regent, Silversea, Oceania and Crystal all in the “luxury” bracket but none of them compare to Seabourn in my eyes. If I could only sail with one of them it would be Seabourn everytime. Who’s with me?
  4. Hello, My cruise is slowly getting closer and i have started to look at what dining options are available for our sailing. Please can any one give me tips or hints for the following restaurants Sindhu The Glass House Limelight Club Epicurean Beach House Thanks in advance
  5. I normally get there 3 hours before on any flight really
  6. We are heading to Scotland for a weekend and one of the places we are going to is Fife. I have heard its really pretty and just wondered if there is any "must do" while we are there? Thanks in advance
  7. WAVES

    Cunard in Alaska?

    Just had an email from Bolsover about the Queen Elizabeth going to Alaska in 2019. Dont think they have been there for a while so i wonder if its going to be popular? Wonder if P&O will follow?
  8. WAVES

    P&O Quick.

    You dont normally get tickets till a month before you go?
  9. I removed my gratuities last year and didnt feel cheap as i tipped in cash to the people i wanted to. I understand that if you charge them to your account its split to everyone but i still feel better tipping who i want.
  10. Hello I am booking the Britannia to the Fjords for next year. Can anyone advise or answer the following questions; Port or Starboard side? Is the Limelight Club worth the money? Is Sindhu nice for a special occasion? What happens in the Crystal room? Is the Beach House outside? (we really liked the Beach House on Oceana) Is it easy to do your own thing or will trips be needed? Thanks in advance xx
  11. Good Afternoon I am looking at sailing with Royal Caribbean and have been reading about the key cards. Do you have to have a watch key for your cabin? Or can you opt to still have the classic key card? Has anyone used the Watch Key?
  12. I think the likes of P&O need to change the promotion every now and again. The on board credit promotion never seems to end Maybe instead of the obc the good lower the prices? But then would this effect the saver prices?
  13. I love the balcony cabins and would always have one. The only time i would not have a balcony would be a short cruise. We loved our balcony last year on the Oceana and the fact we could watch the sail aways from our own space.
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