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  1. You will have 6 formal nights if which one will be the Celebration night, the old welcome aboard, and another will be black and white night. Depending on weather conditions the number may reduce.
  2. I would set the account up again using my Peninsular Club membership number and see what happens. If the points do not show email P&O.
  3. We had an invite and are waiting for the link.
  4. Sorry hear of your pain! Had my second jab on Friday and thought I had the chills only to realise it was just plain cols😂
  5. I am pleased to say my first batch were purchased at £22 and sold at just over £50. I moved back in at £9 and sold part of the holding today at £15.21. I am keeping the rest which have now cost me nothing to see how far they increase. I must say I am very happy!
  6. It’s all to do with saving money. The shorter the name the less paint it uses 😂
  7. Hadn’t heard of this at all. Could be interesting!
  8. Best wishes to all. Hoping 2021 is much better and that we will be allowed some form of normality 😎😊
  9. We are hoping restrictions will start to be reduced during 2021. We still have 2 cruises booked for next year with booking and preregistrations for 2 cruises in 2022. We just do not want to see life to pass us by waiting for so called normality to return.
  10. To make matters worse I am now getting emails linked to this attack!
  11. I agree Sinbad, the best form of defence is to close down any external servers to protect your business from attack. They have probably closed the system down to ensure the latest security software is installed on all machines - It is a time consuming job to do properly.
  12. Many have holiday homes in places such as France which is why Euro tunnel is open and planes are now in the air.
  13. I stopped posting as My views always seemed to be criticised as they did not always support what others said. I still read all the comments but now just”keep my mouth shut”.
  14. We have used our FCC but booked for 2022 so, hopefully, there virus should be controlled or the cruise lines will have collapsed!
  15. Can anyone give me an update on contacting the cruise advisors at Bolsover? I have sent emails to a couple of the team about booking cruises to no avail. Before that I tried the telephones but they were struggling with high volumes. I appreciate that it is a very busy time With refunds but it would be useful to know what the turnround time is for emails to be replies to especially as it relates to bookings rather than clients wanting cash back.
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