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  1. Best wishes to all. Hoping 2021 is much better and that we will be allowed some form of normality 😎😊
  2. We are hoping restrictions will start to be reduced during 2021. We still have 2 cruises booked for next year with booking and preregistrations for 2 cruises in 2022. We just do not want to see life to pass us by waiting for so called normality to return.
  3. To make matters worse I am now getting emails linked to this attack!
  4. I agree Sinbad, the best form of defence is to close down any external servers to protect your business from attack. They have probably closed the system down to ensure the latest security software is installed on all machines - It is a time consuming job to do properly.
  5. Many have holiday homes in places such as France which is why Euro tunnel is open and planes are now in the air.
  6. I stopped posting as My views always seemed to be criticised as they did not always support what others said. I still read all the comments but now just”keep my mouth shut”.
  7. We have used our FCC but booked for 2022 so, hopefully, there virus should be controlled or the cruise lines will have collapsed!
  8. Can anyone give me an update on contacting the cruise advisors at Bolsover? I have sent emails to a couple of the team about booking cruises to no avail. Before that I tried the telephones but they were struggling with high volumes. I appreciate that it is a very busy time With refunds but it would be useful to know what the turnround time is for emails to be replies to especially as it relates to bookings rather than clients wanting cash back.
  9. No, we were looking at sailing 2022. We already have cruises booked for 2021.
  10. We are looking at the possibility of cruising the Caribbean early 2020 and always have the discussion over which would be the better side to have a balcony either Portside or Starboard? As often as not I seem to be wrong, according to my wife, so wonder if anyone would like to give advice! It also means I have someone to blame if it is wrong 😂
  11. I am still waiting for P&O refunds dating back to 2nd week of March cancellations. One cruise was cancelled by P&O then uncanceled, then cancelled again. The other was cancelled due to the over 70 age FCO ban which went through the P&O web form but now I find it might not as I received a final payment demand from the TA even though last week I received an apology from P&O for them taking so long sending refunds. TA now says I will be getting FCC when I have requested full refund. Basically the systems of the TA and P&O have been so stretched that you just need to hold your
  12. I think it depends who you are with but a friend of ours contacted their insurers as they could not use the policy due to government guidance and managed to have it extended to include next year. They had requested a refund due to government advisory not to travel.
  13. What a great thought asking how we are. Like many we are trying to stop the boredom, here in Nottinghamshire. Our garden is now manicured to the enth degree. We go for our exercise regularly along walks that are little used. As with many we have had 2 cruises cancelled one of which was with good friends. Our real disappointment was the cancellation of our son’s wedding but, again, this has been postponed to Match next year giving us something to look forward to. I am not sure when we will be able to resume our cruises but still look to see what is available Mid 2021 and beyond.
  14. If it comes to survival of the global company anything could happen.
  15. I am surprised the focus is on the removal of Oceana and Aurora. I am coming to the conclusion we could well see P&O and Princess merging into a much refined fleet of mid to large ships. There is much to be said in removing the older vessels from both cruise lines then bring about efficiencies of scale by merger.
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