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  1. i always found solent Richards posts good to read, but he seemedf to have offended people for some reason that was never clear...i see him on other forums and website and is still doing very detailed reviews and blogs i enjoy reading
  2. great offer! already on this ship in September, otherwise i would have booked this. the drinks package alone is over £800 per person in value
  3. Qsine on Celebrity ships is the best in my opinion
  4. I used cruisingexcursions.com for a St petersburg tour and they were excellent, better value and more detailed than the Princess cruises arranged one. We got to see fare more than the ship ones. Iv also used them in Rome and again, excellent.
  5. i think the ships look very nice and the Dubai cruises in Jan/Feb are complete bargains, all inclusive drinks offer for an inside cabin £850 pp including direct Emirates flights from Manchester! i think people are maybe put off with them being italian and put them in the same bracket as Costa, i would give them a go.
  6. I cant believe it, it goes against the whole notion of honest independent reviews! i always look at trip advisor and put my own reviews on, however i dont think im overly critical. i would be so mad if they took money off my card without my knowledge- I hope the hotel gets done by trading standards.
  7. great review Sean, i was on Queen Elizabeth for 2 nights when she launched and i would love to try Cunard again. The dont scrimp on service on the mini cruises, which is sometimes the case with other cruise lines- seeing them as 'booze cruise's
  8. never heard of them before, but just looked them up- they look fantastic! something totally different if you're getting tired of the same old stops. looks like they are up and coming in the UK!
  9. whitehaven beach in the whitsunday islands is an amazing unspoilt place
  10. beartoes


    going on ventura in 9 weeks and counting, cant wait! looking forward to trying the glass house and 'east'. i have heard mixed reviews about the white room, so maybe see onboard if its worth the supplment.
  11. the drinks offer is fatastic, it includes service charge as well i think so a big saving on your bar bill!
  12. i prefer plated meals, you can always ask for more. i think the silver service is over-fussy and time consuming for the staff and i would be happy for the veg and potatoes etc to be on the table to help myself.
  13. the shop looks great, very professional! looking forward to seeing it when i go to meadowhall next week!
  14. i have booked shore excursions with cruisingexcursions.com , they are a fraction of the operator price and provide the exact same service. For example, the shuttle from CiviITAVECCHIA to rome is £18 instead of £40!
  15. i would say itinerary is the most important for me. long days on shore for example with celebrity cruises, or overnight with azamra are the most attractive. whats the point in travelling to these places to be there for a couple of hours?
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