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  1. Do agree about the waste but it is horses for courses. It is lovely to be able to pick up the brochure & browse through whenever you want to. It's a bit like "do you prefer your Kindle or a hard copy book" some do , some don't. However it could hit Travel Agent shops if people have to pay for brochures as what is the point of going in if you don't know what your full choice is. An assistant can only show you so many. Also as older people, we are computer literate & do look online as well as brochures but not to patronise, some older people do not like the internet.
  2. We are thinking of cruising to New Zealand with our 17 year old grandaughter but have so many questions to ask the experts as first timers. Yes I know it would be a baptism of fire. Can we book part of a cruise ?E.G. UK to NZ on a world cruise, then pick it up again to come back next time round? What cabins are available for three as the suites are very expensive & my grandaughter gets very nervous. Would we have to book a double & single cabin as that would mean my husband taking the single & splitting us up. Will I get seasick as not too good on a boat? These questions are ju
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