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  1. I already have a Saga cruise booked for next year... but if I were to go for a Cunard itinerary these two would be my preferences: 28-Aug-18 - Queen Elizabeth - 17 nights It sails from Southampton and includes a couple of ports I have'nt yet visited; Sibenik and Taormina (What is the highlight of Sibenik?). Also I like the look of Queen Mary 2's New England & Canada cruise, 23-Sep18 - 14 nights Rhe itinerary for that time of year looks great: New York, Rockland, Corner Brook, Sept Iles, Quebec (3 Days), Saguenay - Canada, Sydney - Nova Scotia, Halifax, New York
  2. I agree. In my experience sailing aboard NCL or Royal Caribbean we found our onboard accounts to total much higher than that of any P&O Cruise we've been on. That's why i prefer to go on cruises with everything included in the fare these days.
  3. Lots of people here saying they won't be travelling with P&O now, which cruise lines will you be 'jumping ship' to? Just curious. I'm guessing perhaps Azamara or Oceania may be seeing more ex-P&O passengers in future?
  4. That's why I've started moving away from the mainstream and looking at River cruise lines and more superior lines which already include gratuities within the fare or don't charge for them at all. In my opinion if you're already paying for a service within your fare you really shouldn't feel like you have to pay again.
  5. My wife's nickname is curly (guess what her real name is?!)
  6. If so many have tried... maybe you should ask yourself why?!
  7. My nickname is Don Corleone.. (because i'm such a softy) watch out Terminator, any more sarcasm from you and you may be terminated
  8. If it's something 'out of the ordinary' and a special celebration I would consider booking so far in advance, mainly to get the cabin/suite I had set my sights on. Otherwise I wouldn't dream of booking 2 years ahead! I guess some folk are more organised than me though... That said, I'm sure I'll be eagerly scanning the new schedule along with everyone else when it's released... just in case. Any ideas when this normally come out? Would be amazed if any new or exciting cruises materialise...
  9. Has anyone sailed with Viking and AmaWaterways and is there a major difference? My wife & I are booked on Ama in a few weeks and just curious to see what peoples thoughts are. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your review weaver, its good to hear you thought so highly of Viking.
  11. It's just people showing they care hturtle. Wish there were more people like that and less insensitive people like you on this planet you sweetcorn. I'm very much doubting you like cute kittens or puppies
  12. Thanks Sammy. And that's a shame Land Ahoy, I didnt realise the chauffeur service had a limitation on it. We initially thought them to be quite expensive but when doing the math they actually work out similar value, with these few added extras to make our lives easier. I'm currently 'googling' the Saga Pearl ii for images and videos and our agent was quite right, the ship does seem a little more modern than we were anticipating. My thoughts are a step up from Fred Olsen? Please correct me if im wrong!
  13. My wife & I have just committed to a 16 night cruise next June with Saga. Now I may be getting on a bit but never considered myself a 'Saga' passenger (I apologise now if you are a regular saga sailor!). But, having just come off the phone to my travel agent at Bolsover they have suggested an itinerary called 'A Mediterranean Trio'. I didn't even realise Bolsover did saga holidays but apparantly they've recently started selling them. We prefer smaller ships and as well as some of the ports in particular attracting us to this cruise (Castellón de la Plana, Dalt Vila in Ibiza), we were ra
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