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  1. Hi Me and my family are booked on this cruise and we still have no idea what cruise ports we will be visiting or if they will just add sea days in replace of the damaged islands, part of me gets frustrated with my holiday being up in the air but another part of me thinks about the poor families that have no power or even no home to go back to. I have two kids age 3 and 7 they have been looking forward to this holiday for a while and I’m sure they will have lots to do and people to meet on the ship, so even if they do replace with sea days it isn’t going to ruin our holiday. P
  2. Brilliant advice thank you so much farmersgirl Lots of useful information there, we will take everyday as it comes. Thank you
  3. Yessssss, great news Thank you for your replys, I wil pack our costumes xx really looking forward to our cruise now.
  4. Hi Our cruise is 30 Oct - 3 November its on Azura, transatlantic: Madeira - Portugal - St. Maarten - Dominica - St. Lucia - Grenada - Barbados. Because this runs over Halloween will there be any spooky themed parties so we can take our costumes and dress up for Halloween ?? We are taking the kids age 3 and 7 who love dressing up. Thank you
  5. Hi Thank you We are traveling Oct 20 - Nov 3 so I will pack some jumpers
  6. Great advice Rob, thank you. We have an inside cabin, so no change of them climbing over the Balcony I will have a talk to my partner about the St Lucia tour, I think you might be right about them getting bored on this, insect repellent ordered
  7. Hi A pager amazing, thank you for this, so reassuring, Im getting more and more excited. Have you any experience with excursions taking kids similar age to mine? 3 and 7 visiting any of the following: Madeira - Portugal - St. Maarten - Dominica - St. Lucia - Grenada - Barbados
  8. Hi Brian Brilliant thank you x and thank you for the links they are really helpful. The night nursery sounds fantastic, hopefully that will give us time to enjoy a drink in peace without the kids ahah, altho like other parents I will be nervous about leaving the youngest there. Hopefully she will like the idea but because we haven’t done anything like this before it might take her a while to get used to it. It will probably only be for a couple of hours while we have some alone time
  9. Hello everyone, We are new to cruising and have booked our first Cruise, its a transatlantic on Azura for 14nights heading to the Caribbean via Madeira. Me, my partner and our two little ones age 3 and 7 will be traveling. We are looking forward to out first Cruising holiday and would appreciate some advice from people who have done this kind of cruise with children, for instance… • Will we need sea sickness medication because its our first cruise ? • What kind of food is there for kids, we all know they are picky when it comes to eating lol • I have looked into doing a 5 hour tou
  10. Thank you peeps lots of great advice there, I think I'm going to ring Bolsover and ask there advice, thank you again.
  11. Hello My name is dan I'm new the the cruise holiday thing, I have a family and wondered if anyone can suggest any cruise ships, holiday packages than I might be interested in.
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