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  1. Just downloaded the NHS app and it’s showing both my Covid vaccines.
  2. TrentAnn

    Cruise Refund

    Whilst I agree we can’t go anywhere to spend our refund .... it has enabled me to book a future family holiday, which during the lockdown has become a far more important priority for us all. My solo cruising is now on hold until I see how things pan out within the cruising industry.
  3. TrentAnn

    Cruise Refund

    I’ve now received my cruise refund, coincidentally within a few days of contacting P&O direct.
  4. I’ve used the live web chat on a few occasions, maybe worth a try if you’re having difficulty contacting Bolsover.
  5. TrentAnn

    Cruise Refund

    TOUCHÉ jinky On your second point, I don’t think anyone wants to see people loose their jobs or companies go under. Unfortunately, due to this current crisis there are people who are not in the position to wait indefinitely for their refunds.
  6. TrentAnn

    Cruise Refund

    You’re right there Towny44 the payment on bank statements are shown as being paid to the cruise line, presumably there is the option to claim under Section 75. I’ll continue to wait for my refund with bated breath 😀
  7. TrentAnn

    Cruise Refund

    Where in my previous post did I imply ‘people are so unrealistic expecting refunds within timeframes’, I was merely replying to sinbad10 regarding my own situation.
  8. TrentAnn

    Cruise Refund

    Don’t hold your breath sinbad10 .... I’m 72 days down the line waiting for a P&O refund, I was told by Bolsover 2 weeks ago it would be in my Bank account by the end of the week! P&O cancellation updated their refund policy on 19th May from 45 days to 60 days - looks like next update will be 90 days. Funny thing is, the excursions I paid for with P&O were credited to my Bank within 2 days of me cancelling.
  9. Thank you towny44, it will be interesting to see what work is undertaken in the future.
  10. I was due to sail on Azura this coming weekend which should have been the first cruise after her re-fit, I don’t know if the work went ahead. Hopefully, like everyone else we’ll all be cruising again when it is safe to do so, in the meantime keep browsing the itineraries. 😎
  11. Having recently renewed my annual Gold policy through Just Travel to cover my cruise on Azura which was departing on 19th April. I contacted the company to see what my options would be and to my amazement they offered me a full refund even though the 14 day cooling off period was well passed. Service was excellent and my card payment was refunded in days. Always worth asking the question, I was pleasantly surprised.
  12. Now Cunard have suspended their sailings until 15th May, it seems the advice given by WShutt not to cancel your booking has been proved right. According to Cunard's website, any cruises which have been affected by the cancellation are being offered 125% FCC or 100% cash refund by completing their on-line form. If this is the case you should receive your 100% refund. I understand it’s disappointing to miss a much anticipated cruise. I was due to sail on 6th April and Bolsover were most helpful with my cancellation These are unprecedented times and we are all in it together.
  13. Pretty much the same here 😱
  14. In Liverpool today - not the prettiest cruise ship -
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