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    Gardening, diy, just finished building a log cabin am now going to build a large model train set dcc so any tips please on electrics ok
  1. Hi shipmates have recently got my next year P&O cruise brochure and we spotted two cruises for next year Arcadia and the Azure phoned up bolsover as we like a certain deck etc and was quoted a price that was a lot more then the brochure price, I asked why is this they are not really sure!!!! So sorry P&O not with you next year, Has anybody else come across this yet
  2. Every word you say is true, as for P&O large ships I class them as butlins on the sea " horrendous things" everything bad you see on these ships right down to towels on sun beds starboard and port side for the same people!!!! As for the buffet God help us talk about overweight Brits l think we have to be getting worse then the Americans. So yes we tend to go on princes now twice a year, but!!! Saying that we have booked a long cruise on the Azure ( first time) so, yes we Are looking forward to that ( September) so watch this space September time ok
  3. oops pressed the wrong button!! Food very good steaks always good our ship by the way was the emerald which like for like is near enough the same as P&O Ventura- Azura, not really sure about the brittania yet seems to be getting more negative points, but! I cannot say as I've not been on her, one day though
  4. We have been on princess cruises quite a few times now from Southampton no problems very good although the check in is not as good as p&o, but saying that our last princess cruise was early 2015 so things may have changed, watch this spot as we are going again in June and September .
  5. It's a shame that princses don't do more departures from Southampton (14+days) as we do not let ke flying, I don't like the thought of cruising on the monster ships ie Royal Caribbean Any comments please, are P&O sorting themselves out now the last time we went on P&O their standard had dropped a bit hopefully it was just a one off
  6. Thanks everybody, As buggalugs says going out of Southampton is so easy plus going on princess so good, As we both cannot cope with flying I just need details of the cruise with princess to the Norwegian fiords June 2016 No doubt eve will be on the phone from Bolsover ha, Happy cruising everybody Grandpa,
  7. Can anybody confirm that maybe princess cruise are pulling out of the UK in 2016 Or is it just a case of sour grapes by a disgruntled cruiser?????? Grandpa
  8. Just be aware of the upgrade its not always better then what you asked for in the first place ok
  9. Not from Southampton their not there is only ONE, in 2012 we went on the princess Grand in September from Southampton to Venice etc you cannot do that now, so sorry princess we love your ships/service but we have to go on P&O, hopefully 2016 when the new princess ship is established hopefully we will get a better choice!!
  10. Why is it that princess cruises are cutting back on cruises that depart and come back to Southampton?????? And the ones that do are a very short cruise????? They all seem to go from Barsalona which for me is a no no as I cannot bear the thought of flying!! So really we have no option to go with P&O ( I know they are in the same group) it's a shame as we do like going with Princess, so please all comments will be good hopefully somebody at Princess might sit up and listen to customers and not have them dictate to where they want to take us, thank you grandpa
  11. P&O. Princess. N.C.L. Celeberty. And all the other big name cruise lines you need to stop ALL forms of smoking on board end of story no argument. If these people want to smoke then go elsewhere,
  12. That is a lot of money per day,!!, maybe it's ok on sea days but port days when you maybe of off the ship all day,,,,,,,
  13. This program should be taken off air as it must be doing a lot of damage to the Princess name, They would have been better to focus on real people (THE CREW) those passengers must be ashamed of themselves to come across like that, o god what a bunch of snobs, If I had not done any cruising and saw that program then I would sooner stay home!!!!!!!!!!!! We have done ten cruises to date, Princess & P&O,( not many compared to some nice people I know) and thank god we have not met snobs like that,
  14. Does anybody have an idea on the possibility that the the princess cruise going to the baltics in June is there a possibility that the call at st Petersburg stopping over night be called of due to any sanctions that is going on at the moment against russia
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