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  1. were off on a short cruise to le harve and really not to sure what to do when we get to there, dont really want to go to paris as its just too far from the port, anyone got any ideas ? thanks in advance
  2. I'm going on Celebrity in May and I just wondered if anyone knows if I can take a travel iron with me to use in my cabin?
  3. there are so many different offers available with different cruise companys, but what offer makes you book, free travel , on board credit, complimentary drinks packages or is it just the best price ?
  4. del82

    Line Of Duty

    love it ! cant believe ive never watched it before !
  5. think that is it just down to space if the pools were bigger there would be less space for sunbeds etc, personally i feel that the pools are plenty big enough for what they are used for on board. there tends to be a more than 1 pool on most ship especially the bigger ships which will have even more, we have always managed to find a quiter pool if thats what you were looking for.
  6. sailaway party leaving gibralter on oriana about 8 years agao, fantastic atmosphere on deck !
  7. del82

    Weather in Norwegian Fjords in May

    we are also hoping to do the fjords this summer and also a little unsure of the weather after doing some research looks as though may is one of the better times although not quite as warm as july usually not as wet so hopefully you should be fine , although like the others have said layers and waterproofs are a good idea. enjoy
  8. look forward to seeing what she will be doing, hopefully a few new smaller ports !
  9. del82

    Black Friday - No longer just 1 day!

    no deal is worth the stress of crowds of people in the shops fighting to get hold of things, if i buy anything in the black friday sale it will be on my i pad from the comfort of my sofa did manage to get a few good offers on line last year so will be having a browse!
  10. del82

    msc magnifica

    just seen that MSC Magnifica departures from Southampton in 2018 and prices look great from £549 per person, i havent travelled with msc but thinking at that price might give it ago, has anyone been with msc before?
  11. del82

    Britannia 20 August

    st petersport is uaually tenered and eveything is wihin a 5 minute walk, it is a loevly town plenty to see, lovely cafes and lots of shops.
  12. del82

    When do you start packing

    got to be a good week before hate rushing around last minute !
  13. great question really hard to decide where I would choose as my top 5 , 1 - Maldives 2- Alaska 3- Dubai 4 - north cape - northern lights 5 - tahiti
  14. del82

    Do You Trust Your Agent? Dispatches

    it can be so misleading at times, seeing offers on line but until you get to the final booking page you dont always see what your paying , so glad i always books with bolsover the price they quote is always what i pay no surprises when i come to pay the balance !
  15. del82

    Britannia refit?

    i also heard it was that they were having stair put in the middle of the ship too so think thats correct, again due to people moaning
  16. del82

    We're on board Ovation of the Seas!

    looks amazing
  17. del82

    tiffanys at sea

    First Tiffany & Co store at sea opens on Royal Caribbean cruise ship oasis of the seas wow what a great way to spend that extra on board credit ?
  18. del82

    Never been on a cruise

    hi dan, I travelled with p&o on azura last year and took my 2 boys who were 4 &8 they absolutely loved every minute of it especially the kids clubs, they also took advantage of childrens tea in the buffet late afternoon which ment they could enjoy the kids club while we were able to enjoy our evening meal. they are made to feel so welcome on board and the staff are fantastic with them, the can not wait to go again . dependent on your children's ages they also offer a night nursery for younger children till late at night and have all facilities from bottle warmers, cots to baby baths everything you could need so you can travel a little lighter. I have also heard that royal Caribbean are very good for older children as they have the rock climbing walls, ice skating, zip wire, and much, much more ! hope that this helps ?
  19. del82

    Low deposits

    that's a great offer especially at this time of the year when there are presents to be bought !
  20. del82

    Caribbean Bargain!

    what a great offer on an amazing ship
  21. del82

    terrace balconies

    on the fred olsen website it say a sociable terrace balcony so im guessing this isn't private but not 100 % sure x
  22. del82


    does anyone know how much it is to have access to the retreat for the day on board azura ?
  23. del82


    can i book my own flights or do i have to book the flights through the cruise lines ?
  24. i have 2 children 9 and 5 and we have only travelled on p&o they loved the kids clubs on there and just wondered if there were any cruise lines that would offer better facilities than p&o ?
  25. Has Been Voted Best Island In The World According To Travel And Leisure Magazine Has Anyone Been ?