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  1. I agree with both of you, Dancing Queen & iknowlescourier! My husband & I almost regretted going on an ‘adults only’ ship some years ago. It was havoc with the lifts as every button was pressed & nobody seemed to know whether they were going up or down! We always used the stairs unless we had luggage to transport. I won’t mention arguments in the launderette (haha)!
  2. The recent news that Adonia is being sold has prompted some people to ask whether P&O will make one of their existing ships into another adult only. They already have Arcadia & Oriana so why should they change one of the other ships. Somebody mentioned Aurora! Aurora is my favourite ship & I don't mind seeing the children especially the little ones. Quite honestly, if you really can't stand being on a cruise where there are children then you should go during school times. You might still get some babies and toddlers but the toddlers are well looked after in the different clubs
  3. For anyone who has done a P&O Baltic cruise, did you do the 2 day excursion while in St Petersburg and, if so, what did you think of it, was it worth the money? Many thanks.
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