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  1. Recently used http://www.shorecruiseexcursions.com/ sailing 'Allure of the seas' western Med. and they were exceptional, given their prices at first I was a bit skeptical. But we were met at the dock by the guide on all our tours, very professional and well organised tours. In Marseilles Louisa the guide was particularly knowledgeable, attentive and helpful, my elderly mother was a little slower when walking she took her time with her while managing the rest of the group. Overall it was a great experience in some aspects better than what i have experienced with cruise liner excursions. defin
  2. would love to try a river cruise experience in coming future for sure. Any recommendations on Regions?
  3. When you buying drinks package on royal Caribbean, is there a limit to have many drinks you can per day? Or time limit between each drink? I heard carnival has limit and wanted to make sure RC wasn't the same.
  4. thanks for your responses/feedback, definitely helpful, I had also compared with cruisingexcursions.com price wise and they're slight better although the later seems to have more information overall. I'm just shopping around for the best deals and credible company to go with and was advice to join forums and ask.
  5. I'm try to get as much information about this website - http://www.shorecruiseexcursions.com/ - before using them. I posted on cruise critics and some good feedback, great prices for shore excursions, has anyone here used them before?
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