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  1. looks fab would love to go on her
  2. use the stairs not lifts ,that's what I try and do
  3. lovely idea having a Tiffany's onboard
  4. I agree it didn't give the right impression of a Princess experience. I have travelled with them and thoroughly enjoyed it . Maybe they will do it differently this time round and learn from the last ones bad feedback ?
  5. I see Crystal River Cruises have gone on sail, what do people think of the itineraries and is anyone considering booking?
  6. Calling all Pink ladies and T-birds ! Word on the street is that 'Grease' has been confirmed as the musical on board Harmony of the seas .... how fab !
  7. about time .... and im sure she can park it fine
  8. sounds interesting i love that series
  9. Hi Riversong I have been on the Ventura and just waited till i was on board as they did lots of offers on spa packages and treatments , as long as your flexible on which days you can go in the spa i would do it this way again
  10. WoW Britannia looks amazing , P&O have really gone to town here thanks for sharing the pics, really jealous of anyone going on her now
  11. I have never been to a cruise show , do they usually have good offers on to book with a stand there and then ? or can you get the same deals thorugh your agent ? does any one have any experience ?
  12. All sounds a wondrful experience with any of he Celebrity chefs im sure these classes will be popluar and book fast !
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