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  1. Has he considered a cruise with Saga? My mum has a plethora of health issues and Saga's free insurance still covered her. I'm not sure how they do it to be honest as the quotes she received from insurers were through the roof, to the extent that it just wouldn't have been possible for her to cruise really. If I remember rightly they picked her up from home too. She loved it, could be worth a look.
  2. I quite like the idea. Being able to roll out of bed at any time, without battling for a sunbed in a peak spot by the pool, is well worth £22 of my money.
  3. I really enjoyed both. We ate a couple of times at The Glass House, it feels nicely tucked away on Britannia and the food was great, really reasonably priced too. The salmon at the Beach House was fantastic.
  4. I couldn't help but notice in Cunard's announcement regarding the new ship in 2022, the comment from Cunard's vice president that 'the new ship firmly underpins our plans to continue our growth across international markets.' Given that Royal Caribbean and others have begun creating ships specifically for the Chinese cruise market and bearing in mind that it will be the biggest ship in the fleet, it does make you wonder whether Cunard are planning to send their new ship to China?
  5. Has anyone else had their holiday affected by Irma? Sunday should have seen us heading to Miami for 5 nights but I'm afraid Irma has put paid to our plans. It wasn't a cruise on this occasion, just a land holiday to Miami and NYC, but after seeing things progressing over the weekend and realising Irma looked set to be a biggie we didn't have much choice but to change our plans. It has been an expensive and extensive exercise of changing flights, cancelling US domestic flights and rearranging hotels but we are now headed for Las Vegas instead. The weather will undoubtedly be better and whi
  6. Is there anything more frustrating than being asked this question on holiday? Just leave it alone! I don’t get why people need to ask this question, in fact I think it’s rude to do so. What do people get from asking this? If you’ve paid less than I have I’m going to feel a bit hard done by, if it’s the other way around, you’re going to feel hard done by, so let’s just agree to be happy that we’re on board and just enjoy ourselves! We were happy with the price when we booked it otherwise we wouldn’t have booked it would we? The question should be outlawed and passengers should b
  7. I think it depends what you want really. I'd love to give Regent's smaller ships a go as I think the luxury side of things is probably done better aboard small ships, I expect there's more intimacy and attention to detail, On the other hand, I'm quite intrigued to see what will be on P&O's new ship in 2020, which is obviously going to be a biggie. I sailed on Britannia last year and didn't find the ship felt overly crowded at all. Despite there being more choice when it came to dining, we still found ourselves eating in the same couple of spots for the most part. I think little or large, w
  8. I'd happily pay a small fee to reserve a sunbed for the duration, though I'm sure some would be quite annoyed at having to pay for this on top of their fare. As you say eyes12, it must be very frustrating for anyone who needs to be close to kids in the pool.
  9. Rant, incoming. Why, oh why, do people think that it is okay to reserve sunbeds with towels, books or whatever else they can find? They hog the bed from early morning until late afternoon, often without actually even occupying it for any length of time. They go for lunch and can be gone for up to 2 hours, all the while their holiday read marking their territory in their absence. What I also find annoying is that none of the staff seem to do anything about it and clearly the signs aren't doing anything. Maybe it's time the cruise lines introduced stricter policies - anybody reserving a sun
  10. It's great, especially in summer. Meatpacking District and Chelsea Market just below it, also a pretty cool Bier Garten beneath it at the Standard Hotel. Wouldn't book an excursion, it's very easy to find (just head for Chelsea Market) and impossible to lose once you're on it
  11. I agree Seven Seas, great effort from Celebrity Cruises to draw attention to a very deserving cause. I read yesterday that Celebrity had previously made breast cancer survivors godmothers for the Solstice Class ships, with a view to raising awareness for cancer charities. It would be nice to see other cruise lines opting for something more charitable, rather than focusing on the glamour aspect
  12. I'm afraid I have to disagree and say that I think shorts can actually be very smart. Certainly not board shorts or cargo shorts, but a really well tailored, good-quality pair, yes. Worn with a shirt or even blazer, I think they can be just as smart as a pair of trousers or dark jeans. I think it also goes back to people's idea of luxury. There is a reason so many of the ultra-luxury cruise lines have such a relaxed dress code
  13. Patti Smith 'Just Kids'...great read
  14. We had a black and white night on board Britannia in November last year
  15. We have seen a great cruise deal sailing from Miami in September and were toying with the idea of adding a few days on pre or post-cruise. Could anyone who has cruised from Miami recently advise whether we would find plenty to do there to justify a stay of 4 or 5 days? I'd be interested to know what else Miami offers aside from beaches and bars... Also, would anyone recommend hiring a car to venture a little further afield? Any advise would be very much appreciated :)
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