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  1. Wheels 36,what difference would prime parking make?had another ship next to ours I think,mind you after all those ports can't remember which port was where.
  2. Arrived home from canaries Friday,lovely time on board,no treats for our little girl,but she made up for it with endless chocolate muffins,kids never bothered with kids club:(. My gripe is that there were too many passengers full capacity over 4000! Ventura looks a bit scruffy in places,the posters peeling of the wall in Havana bar,carpets a bit dirty,the cabin was dusty the light bulbs in bedside lamps, the little shelf where the shower/soap goes had black dirt in,loo seat brown stains on,applied to our kids cabin as well so not just a one off,the cabin stewardess was a nice lady but lacking cleaning skills,we spoke to a crew member who said there was no time to replace all the toilet seats while in port,poor excuse. We will go on another cruise next year,may try another cruise line and smaller ship.
  3. rah

    P&o Sale

    Sorry to hear that Sinbad 10,makes you feel quite resentful towards P&O.
  4. The one word that gets me is 'FROM'
  5. rah

    Shore Excursions Canary Islands

    Thankyou fellow cruisers for taking the time to pass on your comments:)
  6. rah

    Youth Clubs

    I can understand why the younger ones should be signed in& out,but our daughter will be almost 13 so at secondary school,P&O will not change the rules though.
  7. Just caught up with this,e-ticket says embark at 14.00,so...what time is best to arrive at car park?
  8. rah


    Thankyou All, I really am not an old misery,love a good atmosphere.
  9. rah


    LOL thats a pity! Was thinking with so many people together is it like being im a pub New Years Eve.x
  10. rah

    Shore Excursions Canary Islands

    Thank you Shetlander, will defo take a look
  11. rah

    Shore Excursions Canary Islands

    Thank you,will take a look.
  12. Morning cruisers, Just wondering about the trips once we dock,they are expensive as there is 4 of us(16&12) will we miss out by just taking the shuttle bus to local places?
  13. rah


    Don't I know it Ron mind you ours were quiet really,still are.... with heads down looking at phones. Was on another site and the family are taking a baby who is teething,hope the people in the next cabin get some sleep.
  14. rah

    Crossing Atlantic

    Perhaps next time book a fly/ cruise.
  15. rah


    Hi cruisers, I am a new member and taking our first family cruise to the canaries in August,just wondering if it is noisy on board a ship,with people talking and all that?