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  1. charlielou

    Can I Take a Travel Iron On Board?

    If i am desperate for an iron I use my GHDs. Often saved some badly creased items in transit.
  2. I buy one every year. I find it useful to compare ships ratings and size against each other. I would trust this over trip advisor reviews as its been written by someone with experience of the industry. Online reviews are handy but you have to really read all of them to get an average feel. I would like to do Douglas Wards' job visiting the brand new ships every year!
  3. charlielou

    Celebrity Cruises Speciality Dining - QSINE

    It was really an experience and I would give it a go. I went with a large group so we got to try different dishes. It seems a lot to pay though if you are only on for a few nights and the main dining food is really good anyway on Celebrity.
  4. charlielou

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    Thank you for the comments.
  5. charlielou

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    Thanks HLM I think I will be adding it on!
  6. I am due to travel on Fred Olsen - Balmoral in July and I cannot decide whether to pre purchase the drinks package or not. We do like a drink, G&T's and a few Balvenie's but probably a couple an evening. I heard that the prices are not to bad onboard anyway but do not know if we would get the value out of the package. Would love to hear from people that have been on Fred Olsen.
  7. charlielou

    Another kick in the teeth from P&O.

    I think they should have included Oceana. Its a smaller ship like the other 'qualifying' ships. I can understand not including the bigger ones as they are different to Adonia.
  8. charlielou

    Swimming with Dolphins

    whats your itinerary?
  9. charlielou

    What would you like to see on the new P&O ship?

    a Martini bar like the Celebrity ships or even a gin bar or even its own distillery/micro brewery!
  10. charlielou

    Cunard Relaxing Dress Codes?

    Just wondered if anyone had heard much about Cunard relaxing their dress codes in the Med for embarkation days?
  11. charlielou

    Saver Fare - Dining Allocation

    Maybe they could charge £2 per person per night like Fred Olsen do on an Anchor Fare? It's basically the same as the P&O saver.
  12. charlielou

    Leaving the EU

    I agree OWT lets be positive. The country has decided to leave, lets get on with it and start looking forward
  13. charlielou

    Pre booking dining on P&O

    i think its normally around 3-4 months before you go possibly after the full cost of the cruise has been paid
  14. charlielou

    Rio carnival 2017

    Oceania look like they also do a sailing
  15. charlielou

    When do you start packing

    Always the day before, otherwise I forget what i've packed and end up taking more than I need.