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  1. I have heard the climate over there is similar to that we have here in the UK! So May could be quite pleasant but then you never know when it can rain or be chilly! I think layering is best so you can take off/put more on if need be! I've never been but heard its a great itinerary. have a great cruise.
  2. I really enjoyed reading this review HALaP&O, it has made me even more excited for my short cruise on QM2 in september after this!
  3. This is a fantastic opportunity to try a celebrity cruise and the prices are amazing considering what is included!! If i hadnt arranged a holiday over these dates i would 100% be booking a cabin!
  4. Azura will be fun dancefloordemon, what ports are you visiting? do you have any shore excursions booked?
  5. What kind of shark was this that bit her? I hope it didn't hurt her!!
  6. wow jillyfish i never knew this!!! I wont forget that tip!
  7. I had seen this one advertised and can imagine its been very popular already. The itinerary is beautiful and includes ports I havent seen any other company visit before. Is it only Manchester and Gatwick people can fly from to join the Boudicca?
  8. Sounds good Blondie, what type of food was served in share?
  9. I once stayed in a suite at the back of Oceana during a mini cruise and didnt experience any noise, vibration or mess from the stern at all. I was on the ventura before xmas just gone and stayed R751 which was the furthest balcony cabin back on the riviera deck - we found there was slight vibration when arriving into ports but nothing major! We found the cabin in a very ideal and convenient position and i would definitely choose to be here again.
  10. I have had a look at the tripashore site and it all seems very good! the website is very easy to navigate and the details for excursions are very informative - I'm sure this will be popular with customers.
  11. oh no!!! this would be my worst nightmare! I do think passengers are risking it leaving it to the latest possible time to make their way back to the ship though. I always make sure i am heading back to the ship at least an hour before the last embarkation time just in case i am delayed for any reason! Has anyone on the forum ever missed a ship before?
  12. I have considered booking a 2c grade because the price difference between this and a 2b was in the region of £400 per person. i definitely think the saving makes the 2c a much better option, but do you think it will change my experience of having a balcony if the view is partially restricted?
  13. I was on this cruise too dancefloordemon! I loved it and thought both amsterdam and bruge were so nice! The ship was decorated so nicely for Christmas..BEAUTIFUL! We also went to the beach house and thought the food was amazing here. The main restaurants were also really good - plenty of choice on the menus and the service was brilliant throughout the whole ship. I definitely want to do another short cruise like this again next winter!
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