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    sinbad10 reacted to HLM in Cruising to nowhere and vaccinations   
    Hi Pesky hope you are well.
    How do you think the vaccination passport will work for those who medically can't have the vaccine or those younger generations who will not be given the option to have the jab?
    Obviously youngers may be less affected by the virus, but they are still carriers, will countries allow them in, similarly with those who can't have it for whatever reason, would cruiselines be able to refuse a booking in those circumstances, can they discriminate in those circumstances? What a minefield.
    Regarding cruises to nowhere and onboard restrictions, not for me, I think it'll be at least summer 2022 before I will consider booking a cruise or any foreign holiday come to that.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in Cruising to nowhere and vaccinations   
    Staysure have confirmed that if you have annual multi trip policy covering cruises then you will be covered for Staycation/Seacation cruises in UK waters by P&O/Cunard/Princess you have to ring them and they will e-mail you and endorsement letter. 
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in Latest Gaffe from P&O   
    Think they should start with a new President.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in P &O new ship   
    All cruise lines have gone "downhill" in the last few years and the cause of much discussion on many cruise lines. Headline price has never been cheaper since we started cruising 23yrs ago when we paid over £100pppd for cheapest inside cabins on the QE2. The product has changed dramatically but you cannot expect the service and product of yesteryear at today's prices so something has to give. Personally like the optional choice at cost of speciality restaurants and coffee shops but nobody is forced to pay extra costs its just nice to have the choice. In early days there was no choice of dining like there is these days. Take into account inflation and rising costs if the product stayed the same as few years ago then cruising would be out of the reach of many. 
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in UK "Coastal Waters" Cruises   
    Hopefully with them being only available to UK residents that by the time of cruise most people will be vaccinated so if covid is spread to anyone carrying it there will be no serious effects. Problem is will Cunard/P&O/Princess demand that all cruisers will be vaccinated and will the inevitable vaccine passport be available by then and will children be allowed onboard who will not be vaccinated.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from TrentAnn in Cruising after the 'virus'   
    At the end of the day will we ever know the real cause. I very much doubt it.
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    sinbad10 reacted to afcandrew in Cruising after the 'virus'   
    But of course, ship-only excursions would only be one of a number of restrictions. It would undoubtedly be accompanied by social distancing on board, mask-wearing whilst moving around the ship and in many public areas etc. I will be choosing not to cruise until most restrictions have been lifted. I would rather go to a land hotel where you can escape properly during the day and only have restrictions at breakfast and in the evening.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in How about other UK ports ?   
    Also done because QM2 attracts a lot of German cruisers doing TAs to New York.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in Risen from the ashes-   
    Dont think Swan Hellenic will take many cruisers that CMV lost due to thier demise.
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    sinbad10 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Apathy rules - or so it seems-   
    Is that really relevant. I love cruising as much as anyone but certainly at the moment would not want to go on an ocean cruise. As you are probably aware Spain has banned all cruise ships from its ports for the foreseeable future including the Balearic Islands, the USA has banned all cruise ships carrying in excess of 250 passenger from all ports, Canada has banned cruise ships until at least November, The CDC has just extended its ban on cruise ship sailings, the list of restrictions goes on and on. So imagine being on a cruise ship and there is a case of Covid-19, which port will allow you to dock!! Probably none and you then have another Diamond Princess situation. I was on a cruise  ship in March and we were refused permission to dock at 2 of our ports and we had no infections on board. We had to return to Malaga a day early as they were closing the port, wonder where we would be now if we hadn't got there in time!!
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    sinbad10 reacted to Countrygirl in how about a cruise to nowhere.   
    I consider myself told off. But I am fed up with people complaining about things that might not happen. Let’s wait and see what the industry does to bring back cruising. Once we know the truth then we can comment and not second guess.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from afcandrew in how about a cruise to nowhere.   
    Would Guernsey want a ship tendering in thousands of people off a cruise ship, I very much doubt it. They have done a fantastic job in controlling Coronavirus and very much doubt they would want to risk allowing cruise passengers ashore.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from Anchors-aweigh in Buffets   
    They were a good idea if they were used as they were intended for but unfortunately many just abused it by emptying first thing in the morning on port days as free food to take off the ship save them buying anything
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    sinbad10 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Cruising after the 'virus'   
    Could I respectfully suggest Anchors-aweigh the size of ship doesn't really come into it. What does matter is the PSR (Passenger Space Ratio). This is a statistical measure that compares the total public space on a cruise ship to the number of passengers carried. Therefore the higher the figure the more space a passenger has. In very large ships this is often in excess of 40. Oasis of the Seas is 42, Anthem of the Seas 40, Brilliance of the Seas 43 and QM2 a huge 57. Looking at older smaller ships Oriana was 37, Arcadia 37, Boudicca 34, Norwegian Spirit 38, MSC Opera 34 and Maasdam 34. Big is not always bad.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from DavidH in Over 70s   
    But if you have cruises booked for 2021 when it is likely cruise lines will be operating it is wise to have insurance in place in case of unforeseen circumstances nothing to do with coronavirus.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from HLM in Over 70s   
    But if you have cruises booked for 2021 when it is likely cruise lines will be operating it is wise to have insurance in place in case of unforeseen circumstances nothing to do with coronavirus.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from hturtle in Bolsover Cruise Club   
    Certainly do not think, and I know this might upset a lot on here but can only speak personally, that Bolsover are not coming out of the present situation very well. I have a cruise booked in May and being responsible like many others held back from contacting Bolsover because my cruise wasnt imminent. Me like many others are now in a worst position due to the change of policy by Cunard/P&O on 19th March have now seen a worsening of terms offered. Worried about the rumour that the government might be changing the law so that as advised by Bolsover in above post to hang on as my cruise will more than likely be cancelled soon and have a full cash refund this might not be the case and only a credit voucher will be given and only a cash refund after 2 years. With this in mind I phoned Bolsover and even though I appreciate the situation they are in not surprisingly she advised me to cancel my cruise now and receive a FCC of 110% rather than transfer booking. I have 5 cruises currently booked with Bolsover for 20/21 so struggling for varying reasons to book even more. Every question I asked all she said was you will have to contact Cunard direct which we all know all they will say is speak to your TA. Feel that Bolsover are not being helpful in the customers best interests  and advising everybody to have a FCC as it protects there own future and Cunard's with no thought or help and was not interested in the fact that having 5 cruises already booked I should find the time, space and money to book a further cruise.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from towny44 in Bolsover Cruise Club   
    My cruise is with Cunard.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from Oldworldtraveller in Never thought Cunard and P&O   
    Borrowing $3bn https://travelweekly.co.uk/articles/363253/carnival-corportion-agrees-3bn-in-borrowing-as-cruises-halted and the collapse of their share price, payment of new build ships yet to be delivered or built and the high chance that they will struggle to attract new customers to fill super cruise ships after recent publicity putting off new customers.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from Oldworldtraveller in Scarlet Lady   
    Not for me I am afraid.
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    sinbad10 reacted to towny44 in Diamond princess   
    Hindsight is one of the greatest gifts to social media posters.
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    sinbad10 reacted to Scribeswtr in P & O - On line checkin   
    Correct.  I do know and never suggested that RCI had anything to do with the Carnival Group.  If you read my previous note correctly I was merely suggesting why RCI may have used their US links to introduce online check-in for sometime before it was taken up in the UK.
    Not sure what the behaviour of the board of P&O and Princess has anything to do with this post and frankly, I’m not interested. 😩
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from Davybe in Where is everyone   
    We are currently on roundtrip Transatlantic on QM2 and the cruise is excellent in every way and seen no reduction service or quality of food, which has been excellent. I suppose if you compare from years ago standard shave droped but so has the price you cannot have it both ways.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from HLM in ITINERARY CHANGES   
    This was a cruise sailing from Southampton with a large number of UK passengers and apparently is normal company practice by Princess wherever the ships are sailing and given to all customers affected disregarding their nationality. It could be said it is a company following good practice when charging you for something which they have not had to pay and reimbursing costs, unlike P&O who include port fees/taxes in cruise price and underhandedly keep the monies paid by customers even though they havent incurred charges to boost their profits.
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    sinbad10 got a reaction from Captain Kidd II in Cunard   
    Dont forget that spirit measures on Cunard are 1oz (single) 2oz (double) and 1oz is virtually 30ml compared to standard size of 25 ml on P&O ships. Drinks are more expensive but not as expensive as on Princess.
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