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  1. sinbad10

    Oh dear we have been hacked yet again

    Dont think Bolsover have any great interest in monitoring this forum and is rarely used dont know why they dont just scrap it.
  2. sinbad10

    Which mobile provider is best for overseas charges!

    This thread was 4 yrs ago so not really current.
  3. sinbad10

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    At the end of the day will we ever know the real cause. I very much doubt it.
  4. sinbad10

    P&O -does 'goodwill' exist?

    I recently contacted Bolsover to enquire about changing a booking made in Oct 2019 for a cruise on Britannia in May 2021 for Select price inside cabin to Select price balcony cabin and was quoted price of balcony cabin the day we booked and not the current price.
  5. sinbad10

    How about other UK ports ?

    Also done because QM2 attracts a lot of German cruisers doing TAs to New York.
  6. sinbad10

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    It states on Cunard's website that only QV cruises are cancelled until May, QE until March and QM2 April.
  7. sinbad10

    Ransomeware attack on Carnival

    I dont think that P&O and Cunard being "down" suggests it is them I just think Carnival have done the same thing across all its cruise lines just as a precautionary measure.
  8. I dont think small boats and water taxis will do anywhere near as much damage as 1000ft long cruise ships and their draft.
  9. Unless you were on a very small ship I dont think you entered the lagoon going down the Grand Canal you wouldnt be able to get under the bridges the Rialto being the most famous.
  10. sinbad10

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Personally after listening to Prime Minister on TV I think far too many are thinking the pandemic is over and spreading the virus which will lead to a second wave. We had planned a holiday in Devon in October but have changed our mind we are staying local and being sensible and adhere to social distancing.
  11. sinbad10

    Risen from the ashes-

    Dont think Swan Hellenic will take many cruisers that CMV lost due to thier demise.
  12. sinbad10

    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    Think we are all well aware of that but if as suggested P&O did cruises to nowhere then as I said they would have to up their game with regards to some sort improvement in entertainment compared to the past even in the new norm post Covid.
  13. sinbad10

    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    It is all about the standard or daytime entertainment if it is P&Os normal fare then I would not be interested but having done a few roundtrip TAs on QM2 to New York and back with every day at sea with one day in New York then they are excellent and thoroughly enjoy them but Cunard do make an effort with their daytime programme with excellent speakers. Plus it all depends on the port of calls as some places cruise lines go I am bored after an hour or they have no interests or just tourist tat not my idea of a port of call walking around shops experiencing tat made in China with Welcome to Spain/Italy etc.
  14. sinbad10

    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    Would Guernsey want a ship tendering in thousands of people off a cruise ship, I very much doubt it. They have done a fantastic job in controlling Coronavirus and very much doubt they would want to risk allowing cruise passengers ashore.
  15. sinbad10

    oceana sold immediateley

    Cunard's new ship is not due until 2022 not 2021.