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  1. Unfortunately it will see the demise of Arcadia and Aurora if not before she sails but very soon after.
  2. sinbad10

    COVID vaccination

    Travel door to ship is only available if you live no more than 250 miles from Southampton if you do then you have to make own arrangement.
  3. Not if they get it at the right price and that is what private equity firms are all about. Thats how they and many entrepreneurs make their money at the expense of companies struggling. Look at all the vultures circling around the Arcadia group and trying to cherry pick the better companies.
  4. Dont think any vaccine gives you total immunity for many viruses and illnesses.
  5. We have only yesterday transferred our May 2021 cruise on Britannia to a May 2022 cruise. It might well sail but do not like the thought of the restrictions being rumoured at the moment and think it is a bit early to hope cruising will be back to something normal.
  6. P&O prices for Summer 2022 due to go on sail next week have not had a great increase in price. Prices for 2021 have gone up to silly prices because of demand with so many cancelling cruises this year and our cruise on Arcadia in 2021 had gone up considerably since we booked it in September 2019 before Covid and cruise lines ceasing sailing so that has nothing to do with fewer passengers so a hike in prices.
  7. It is plainly obvious that Bolsover have no interest in this forum and maintaining it and making sure it is safe for users. Will have to find another cruise forum to frequent.
  8. Dont think Bolsover have any great interest in monitoring this forum and is rarely used dont know why they dont just scrap it.
  9. At the end of the day will we ever know the real cause. I very much doubt it.
  10. I recently contacted Bolsover to enquire about changing a booking made in Oct 2019 for a cruise on Britannia in May 2021 for Select price inside cabin to Select price balcony cabin and was quoted price of balcony cabin the day we booked and not the current price.
  11. Also done because QM2 attracts a lot of German cruisers doing TAs to New York.
  12. It states on Cunard's website that only QV cruises are cancelled until May, QE until March and QM2 April.
  13. I dont think that P&O and Cunard being "down" suggests it is them I just think Carnival have done the same thing across all its cruise lines just as a precautionary measure.
  14. I dont think small boats and water taxis will do anywhere near as much damage as 1000ft long cruise ships and their draft.
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