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  1. Apparently the fireworks were cancelled due to the inclement weather.
  2. We have a cruise booked on Iona and have done well over 30 cruises with P&O but we havent received the e-mail. Obviously P&O dont understand about loyalty or at least expect you be loyal to them but not return it.
  3. No not everyone has received the e-mail and only a selective few have received the e-mail.
  4. not everyone has been given the opportunity.
  5. Hopefully for those that havent got a smartphone you will be able to phone 119 to be sent a paper copy from the NHS.
  6. Be careful with Holiday Extras because their standard policy only covers you for cancellation of £2000pp which doesnt cover for many cruises so you would have to pay even more for higher cover.
  7. Staysure have confirmed that if you have annual multi trip policy covering cruises then you will be covered for Staycation/Seacation cruises in UK waters by P&O/Cunard/Princess you have to ring them and they will e-mail you and endorsement letter.
  8. Think they should start with a new President.
  9. P&O have confirmed that people that are medically exempt from having the vaccine will not be able to cruise on these "coastal waters" cruises and that the staff will not be vaccinated.
  10. Hopefully with them being only available to UK residents that by the time of cruise most people will be vaccinated so if covid is spread to anyone carrying it there will be no serious effects. Problem is will Cunard/P&O/Princess demand that all cruisers will be vaccinated and will the inevitable vaccine passport be available by then and will children be allowed onboard who will not be vaccinated.
  11. All cruise lines have gone "downhill" in the last few years and the cause of much discussion on many cruise lines. Headline price has never been cheaper since we started cruising 23yrs ago when we paid over £100pppd for cheapest inside cabins on the QE2. The product has changed dramatically but you cannot expect the service and product of yesteryear at today's prices so something has to give. Personally like the optional choice at cost of speciality restaurants and coffee shops but nobody is forced to pay extra costs its just nice to have the choice. In early days there was no choice of dining
  12. Unfortunately it will see the demise of Arcadia and Aurora if not before she sails but very soon after.
  13. sinbad10

    COVID vaccination

    Travel door to ship is only available if you live no more than 250 miles from Southampton if you do then you have to make own arrangement.
  14. Not if they get it at the right price and that is what private equity firms are all about. Thats how they and many entrepreneurs make their money at the expense of companies struggling. Look at all the vultures circling around the Arcadia group and trying to cherry pick the better companies.
  15. Dont think any vaccine gives you total immunity for many viruses and illnesses.
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