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  1. The books have already been written Mitch, by fervent PO cruisers and been very entertaining also .can anyone remember 'Sick note goes cruising' can't remember him moaning, didn't have time he was too busy enjoying himself. I cruise with PO in fact I have done 2 world cruises with them not on the Arcadia but the lovely Aurora, and I have to say I don't meet these moaners maybe they are all on the Arcadia and maybe you attract them? I shall hopefully doing a Christmas cruise with them and will enjoy every minute of it a cruise is what you make it whether it be PO, Cunard or whatever
  2. When we were children we weren't dragged out of school during term time because the parents wanted a holiday, our holidays consisted of going to the beach ,or the park where we all played together, we played cricket and rounder's taught ourselves to swim and all came home at tea time in a gang we were well rounded children and didn't miss out because we couldn't cruise. Thank yourselves lucky we have the education system we have and the children are receiving a free education why should the teachers have to play catch-up because the parents need the holiday? kids couldn't care
  3. I would never consider taking them off, unless they were rude , after all there is no extra added to the drinks on PO as is on RCI 18% and high tips Celebrity , and also NCL to mention a few. I think they work so hard they deserve them why go through the bother of taking them off then you have to find another means of paying them.CG
  4. It should not apply only to those pensioners receiving credits there should be a reasonable cut off point for the £200 fuel allowance, not everyone was able to retire on a good pension many through no fault of their own. A pensioner who is just above the line where he could receive theses credits is struggling and to take the £2oo away would probably sink him so lets. be fair. As regards the triple lock again these small increases have allowed those again in between not able to claim credits and just managing to keep their heads above water, also the bus passes unless you li
  5. Never had any problems with immigration in Amsterdam but have never gone there with Cruise Maritime the company might have been at fault. CG
  6. I have so many wonderful memories, sailing into Bombay you could smell the spices the people lined up on the sides all waving as we sailed in, sailing through the 'Venice of the East' [Cochin] wonderful you could pluck the Mangoes from the trees. The Whitsunday islands in Australia the Sydney opera house and the magnificent sailaway dancing the tango in Buenos Airies visiting the Falkland Islands, sailing through the ice fields in Chile sailing up the Mitford sound in NZ , there are so many happy memories to look back on through our years of cruising.CG
  7. Just like OWT I started with Airtours, and looking back I reckon I have cruised round the 40 odd mark, with many different lines especially when I flew, now I sail from Southampton,I tend to sail with PO I have enjoyed them all as they all seem to have their own flavour and hope to be able to cruise for a while yet.CG
  8. I have just come off of the Azura and I didn't have my card scanned or at any lifeboat drill.CG
  9. I went last May on the Ventura a wonderful cruise, the local boatmen tendered us back and It was chaos, one PO officer on the quay at Santorini with queues of passengers waiting under the hot sun while all the PO boats returned empty to the ship [something to do with the local boatmen's union we were told.] I did'nt enjoy Santorini it was far to commercialised from the early days and very very crowded with queues , the other Greek islands were much better. I see they are still doing the Greek islands next year, Ibiza has taken the place of Palma and Heraklion and Rhod
  10. After the cancellation with RCI and their ridicules prices I booked a 7 day cruise on the Azura for 4 of us in April 18 , the prices were good and we have free parking , we picked our own cabin and freedom dining and the prices for booking over year in advance is hardly any difference from this year. I did this with the early booking offer [select] and to make sure the children secured a place this time. Now I can sit back and relax. CG
  11. I have booked a cruise with PO for next April 2018, I saw no difference in the prices in fact they were on par with what I had previously paid and this is during the Easter holidays. I agree with OWT regarding the insurance your EHIC card should never be used as you insurance cover you should always have proper insurance cover especially at sea, after all most of us when we fill in the forms have to give the name of the insurance provider EHIC is just a backup.
  12. Couldn't bring myself to do it , it aggravated me so much, PO were so good to my GD last year balloons colouring book and sweets in the cabin, everything affordable children's prices realistic no tipping and the waiters really made her stay calling her Miss Ava every time she appeared she loved it, however kids love most holidays don't they? CG
  13. As an avid PO fan, Y ou know where you are with them, I recently booked a RCI cruise a 5 day northern Europe cruise 2 adults and 2chidren under 6, £100 deposit so far so good. I have just cancelled it and willing lost my £100 , in fact I feel a great sense of relief, I checked the drinks and soda packages also they add the 15% onto the already paid package, £47 tips forus but also the children, the drinks packages + soda packages we would never consume and the drinks are full of fizz and sugar, this package for five days would come in at almost £2,500. I sailed with RCI
  14. I watched Jane Macdonald's cruise this is looking promising , she such a down to earth fun loving person I shall certainly be watching the rest of the series the last is a cruise to Alaska which I am very interested in.CG
  15. While we are the subject of drinks, can anyone tell me if you can still take 2 bottles of wine [per cabin] on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Sea's ? CG
  16. This is interesting, I have to renew my GD's Passport her passport has a photo if her as a baby of 8 months will this new scheme recognise her as she is now 5 years old? and if it can be done on a smart phone presumably you can fill out application on there also save a lot of time using the internet or phone although I will have to get get son to do it as I am useless at up loading photos . This is the message ** Reapplying for a passport can be a longwinded process. Whether it's the endless pages of forms to fill in, or locating** your nearest photo booth and spending 20 minutes tryin
  17. I am the same I cannot fault the waiters on PO I always have a good relationship with them they were also very good with my granddaughter nothing was to much trouble. I never have a problem with the food either since they dropped the pretence of silver service the food is always hot and appetizing , entertainment and the latest films and great children's clubs also a choice 7 ships , the best being the Aurora IMO . I refuse to go on ships which add 15% or more to your drinks and charge such high fares for children [ t price for children on RCI was ridicules PO win hands down for me
  18. We will be saying in this year watching the telly maybe a glass or two, reflecting on the last year and hoping that this year will be a healthy one, Happy new year to you all! CG
  19. Yes!! I love my cruising once onboard and unpacked the world is your oyster , I would never have travelled the world and seen all the wonderful countries AND met all the people and their customs but for cruising, [my husband won't fly] I enjoyed land based holidays in the UK when the children were young [we practically lived o n the beach] but oh the joy of cruising has never left me, once onboard let the fun begin, new countries to wake up to , new customs, wonderful food and entertainment and making new friends most like minded people, hopefully many more cruises to come, CG
  20. We also took the GK and family to Disney in te November, we were aprehensive but no need as you say they were happy to see us. CG
  21. Honfleur Captain Kidd a lovely little fishing village , we went on a Celebrity wine cruise and enjoyed it.CG
  22. It all depends, I prefer the Aurora/Oriana with horshoes back decks, full prom and rooms not everything open and leading from the atruim however, we took our granddaughter on the Ventura and it had everything you could want for children so it depends on your circumstances and the itinerary, we did the Greek island last April on Azura now that was a wonderful cruise, but there again that was picked for the itinerary. horses for courses! CG
  23. N ot having everything around the atrium, the Ventura, Azura, everything leads off there are no rooms it's so open I prefer the layout of the Aurora and Oriana , Captains /gala night such a crush whereas these are held in the Crows nest ect and you can enjoy your surroundings, and Please don't put any alternative venues such as the Havana which acts as the nightclub its such a mismatch with the pillars etc In the way of the tiny stage I wonder who on earth though that crazy design up, it's almost the same on Azura and in my view very badly thought out, I can't speak for the Britannia as I ha
  24. I took my granddaughter on a 6 day cruise in September and the time for embarkation was 3.30pm I phoned PO and asked for an earlier time as we had the child with us and were staying overnight, she said as I was in Caribbean/Baltic we would automatically be waved through and we were, as for disembarkation by deck never come across it , we ask for the first available time and we are directed to wait in a named room and we were the first off .CG
  25. Yes I remember as I was on the ship that waited we were going to the Med, the other ship which sailed was going to the Caribbean [i think] and had to sail, a few of the passengers who were going on the transatlantic /caribbean and wouldn't fly sailed with us to the Med. Apparently they came down from Scotland on a special train which kept breaking down we sat with some of these passengers who said the journey ,meals and drink provided was a wonderful way to start their holiday such a shame the train wasn't up to it and some missed their destination timing everything.CG
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