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  1. I too was wondering how an anti-bacterial gel can eliminate norovirus. We use anti-viral spray from Boots which has worked well. Having used hand gel on entering the restaurant you then get handed a menu that could have been used by people who don't wash their hands or use hand gel so we use our spray after ordering.
  2. Naively thought that cruise holidays were all inclusive. Charges appear like a rash. Why do P&O think it acceptable to take payment for your cruise excusions in advance and then charge if you cancel? Given that kitchens are open 24 hours along with the staff & waiters cannot see why you are being charged twice for food and drink that you've already paid for. P&O did away with the lovely Cafe Bordeaux which was open all night so you could pop in for a snack late evening or early morning. Room service is a poor replacement in every way : food lukewarm and tepid drinks.
  3. Not so, I'm afraid. We booked a flight and airport transfer to Rome. 2 days before, BA cancelled the flight and offered a flight the next day which would've meant us missing Pompeii, a place our friend much wanted to visit! We had to scrabble around for a flight and booked a Vueling one. On arrival we were told by the Princess rep that our places on the coach had been deleted as our flight was cancelled despite the fact that we'd paid for these transfers!? Spectacularly unhelpful service from both BA and Princess so don't think that you're safe having used the cruise line for flights and port
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