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  1. it is definitely not just Bolsover's clients, its affected anyone who has paid P&O/Cunard/Princess direct, so booking directly with them or with a travel agent who pays them directly such as Bolsover.
  2. Has anyone been affected by this? All over Facebook that P&O, Cunard & Princess have taken duplicate payments yesterday from passengers who paid Dec-April! How can this happen??
  3. I would have no problems with going out on 2 September on the Azura, I have been out of Southampton on much smaller ships in December/January, but everyone is different. Azura and Ventura are sister ships so their lay out is the same, just different decor.
  4. I am helping some friends find a Med cruise for this summer, when are the cruise lines going to sort out the flights? P&O seem to be the only company which cater for passengers outside of London. NCL are charging £450 per person for flights from Manchester to Barcelona!! Princess only have indirect flights from Manchester or Birmingham, when I look myself there are plenty of direct flights starting from about £60 return. I have tried to convince them to book their own flights but as it's their first cruise they want everything to be seemless. Would you book your own flights for a crui
  5. I went to Vietnam last year with Vietnam Airlines, direct Heathrow to Ho Chi Minh. I was really anxious as hadn't heard of the airline before, it has bad reviews online & its a 12.5 hour flight. I cannot praise them enough!! It was a new dreamliner aircraft, food and service was fantastic and only £400 return!
  6. I have done over 20 cruises with P&O, this is due to travelling with my parents from being very young. Now I am older I am looking to experiment with other cruise lines, saving up for a Regent cruise one day!
  7. I certainly would take this flight, to me its all about how many hours you're actually travelling for. I hate stopping over, it just makes the whole journey much longer. I'm too impatient!!
  8. I much prefer to do everything online, especially when booking a holiday. I like to see things in black & white infront of me, there can be a lot of human error and I'm a bit of a control freak! I only trust myself, I won't even let my partner book anything! That way if anything goes wrong its only myself to blame, its not in the hands of anyone else.
  9. MG16

    Line Of Duty

    i love it as well! although I think previous seasons have been a bit more exciting than this one.
  10. Personally I love the formal nights, but my brother hates them. He wears a suit every day for work and refuses to dress up whilst on holiday. He has 4 children and always travel with P&O, they have tried Royal Caribbean and a few other lines but P&O suits them the best and everyone is on happy on there. Due to budget and having 4 children the luxury lines you have mentioned are not an option. On the formal nights they just go to the buffet, why should they not travel on the cruise line they prefer because 2 nights a week are formal? They don't try to go in the main dining room so why i
  11. As a few have mentioned, I think it will really attract new cruisers as some people are wary when you explain gratuities and drinks on top.
  12. Personally I don't book any excursions with cruise companies, but I know a lot of people who book with them and like to use their on board credit. Excursions sell out if you wait until your on board and Celebrity have some excursions which are only available to book online not on the ship, so I think using it before you travel can only be good.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with nice tailored shorts on casual nights in hot destinations. My partner wore chino style shorts and a shirt on the final night of a Caribbean cruise, mainly due to the luggage being taken away and not wanting to lug around trousers all the next day in hand luggage. We didn't think anything of it at the time, didn't get any dirty looks or be refused entry.
  14. it can be combined to the select price but don't think you can use it on the savers
  15. I haven't been on Caribbean Princess but was on the Azura last November. She was a great size and well laid out. I hope you enjoy!
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