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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from Maddie3 in Which Christmas Markets have you visited on a cruise?   
    We've done quite a few as we always cruise over Christmas so have very often done them as an add on to that.
    These are just a few off the top of my head, I think Hamburg is my favourite to date with Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen coming a close second but all were wonderful and offered something different.
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from Nick in Chaos at mayflower cruise terminal   
    We travel from Chesterfield and on a good run without any stops we have done it in 3 hours, 1.5 hours to J15A (M1) then 1.5 hours A34/M40 ( think those are the right road numbers ) to Southampton, never a problem for us as we wouldn't travel on the day, last year it took us 6 hours from Southampton to Chesterfield I would have really been in a panic if I'd been going the other way and it had been on sailing day.
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from Sues in Taxi's at Zeebrugge   
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from Sues in Taxi's at Zeebrugge   
    A taxi is approx 50 euros each way, there are plenty at the port and the driver will usually drop you off in the main square in Bruges and arrange to pick you up again at a pre arranged time.
    Most taxi's seat 6/8 people so if you can find people to share which we have always done it is considerably cheaper, the last time we were there I went on the cruise critic roll call and linked up with two other couples so we had everything arranged beforehand although there will always be others wanting a taxi on the day so quite easy to sort out, just make sure you all agree on a time to come back before you leave so there are no misunderstandings but I've always found most people to be flexible.
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    *Dancing Queen* reacted to wheels36 in Queen Elizabeth Q 516.   
    "Sensitive sort" is a personal comment - try to understand what personal comments are so that you do not make this mistake again.
    Also try to understand the difference between "sense of humour" and sarcasm.
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    *Dancing Queen* reacted to jaguar01 in Queen Elizabeth Q 516.   
    Hello,Thank you Balcony Lover.Did it actually take you the full 11 days to decide to be so offensive.
    Perhaps the action on the docks was a mistake on my part,possibly something to do with being in holiday mood.I think though that it just goes to show how shallow you must be if you think being an attractive adonis would have made it acceptable.
    Several people off this and other forums,have contacted me to " spill the beans " as to what occured on our table.As I believe there are allways two sides,and the others cannot put theirs I have refused.What I will say though is that there are members who will back me that my dress sense at the table is exemplary.
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    *Dancing Queen* reacted to Land Ahoy in Which Clever Booker Are You?   
    Hi  I am now a single cruiser and will book either late or early depending whether the cruise line offers good deals at either time.  I have booked a river cruise for next year; 14 months before departure as the boat had two cabins offering no supplement and one was already taken for the date I wished to sail.  My next cruise was a late deal again offering a zero supplement but you had to select a higher grade cabin to be eligible for the offer.  So I can be a Bob or Lesley possibly a Bobley!
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from DavidH in Qm2 Natalie Cole & Blue Note   
    I would love to have done this but it's a little to close to another cruise we have booked.
    Does anyone remember when QE2 used to do the Newport Jazz festival every year that was a fabulous event on both the Trans Atlantic and Newport itself which was an overnight stop, a two day ticket for the festival was also included in the price, we did it a couple of times but the most memorable was seeing the great lady herself Aretha Franklin. 
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    *Dancing Queen* reacted to wheels36 in Oriana   
    To put your worries into perspective.
    Oriana is a medium sized ship, the size most people prefer.
    It has an excellent theatre, cinema, and the largest dance floor in the P&O fleet.
    Service in the bars and restaurant is very good, food is good, and drinks are reasonably priced.
    It is subject to more vibration than other ships, but if you have never cruised before you may well think that this is typical of cruise ships generally.
    Two major issues that have been mentioned are toilet flushing and burst pipes.
    We had none of these issues on Oriana, but on Fred Olsen's Balmoral several cabins were flooded and the occupants had to be moved to other cabins. However, I do not think that any of them were complaining much as they were moved to higher grade cabins. I think that we all have to accept that ships flex, and that burst pipes are probably more likely on ships than in land based hotels. 
    I am sure that you will enjoy your holiday.
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from wheels36 in Oriana   
    Stop worrying GiGi what you have to remember is what you read on a forum is only the opinion/experience of a very small % of passengers, it is a number of years since we were last on Oriana but I have to say it was always one of my favourite P&O ships and we have had some wonderful cruises on her.
    Some friends recently did a short cruise on her, their first time with P&O they are avid Cunard fans so I did wonder how it would compare for them, they had a lovely time no complaints at all, lovely crew, great food, nice cabin, they said they would certainly go on her again if the itinerary appealed.
    I do not doubt what the OP or any others have said as that was their experience but it doesn't mean it is/was everyone's. 
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from hturtle in Renewing Vows   
    Oh that brought a smile to my face, are you single by any chance hturtle, if you're not you might be soon   
    I've just noticed your left hand as I posted this so I hope Mrs Turtle doesn't read the forum 
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    *Dancing Queen* got a reaction from DavidH in Renewing Vows   
    Oh that brought a smile to my face, are you single by any chance hturtle, if you're not you might be soon   
    I've just noticed your left hand as I posted this so I hope Mrs Turtle doesn't read the forum 
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    *Dancing Queen* reacted to hturtle in Renewing Vows   
    I think they should start a service where you can get divorced at sea, then have a big singles party every night
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    *Dancing Queen* reacted in Renewing Vows   
    We are renewing our vows at the end of the month in the church we were married in 40 years ago.
    For us, its to celebrate our marriage in front of our family. The vows will be similar... but saying we will be continuing to love, honour, each other in sickness and health..etc.
    We were married at 18 & 19, and both sets of parents were not very happy about it, saying it would never last.
    It did !!!
    We are also having a huge clarty party on the nightime of the renewal at our home.
    Looking forward to it very much !!!
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