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  1. *Dancing Queen*

    P&O -does 'goodwill' exist?

    I see your point too Anchors-Aweigh and £900 is a substantial amount of money to find when you haven't originally budgeted for it but don't let a further £200 leave a 'sour taste' because I can guarantee having a balcony will enhance the whole experience for you. I'm not suggesting you don't contact the CEO of P&O .. if you don't ask you don't get and tbh £200 is a mere drop in the ocean to P&O ( pun intended 😉 ) unfortunately and I know this from experience if your original booking was made with an agent P&O would not have dealt directly with you , however the CEO can overrule any protocol so go for it but please continue to support TA's like Bolsover because they don't make the rules but have to take the 'flack' when it all goes wrong.
  2. *Dancing Queen*

    Cruise Refund

    Why do you think refunds are taking so long ?? there are only ever a minimum amount of employees within a company who have the authority to issue a refund and in these unprecedented times they are dealing with thousands rather than the odd few, add to that many staff will be working from home which even with a computer it isn't quite the same as being in the office and if there is a problem you have several colleagues close by who can be called on for help and of course customers are wanting to rebook cancelled cruises, move cruises not yet cancelled to 2021 or 2022 which must take up an enormous amount of man hours. Cruise lines have probably never been busier but it isn't just about Joe Public providing an interest free loan they have to prioritise and do what is best for everyone, I can appreciate those awaiting refunds want their money back but will a few more weeks make that much difference they can't go anywhere to spend it at the moment can they !!
  3. *Dancing Queen*

    P&O -does 'goodwill' exist?

    Something to consider Anchors-Aweigh, what was the cost of a balcony cabin when you originally booked because normally you would be charged whatever the cost was at the date of booking should you wish to upgrade at a later date, I'm guessing ( I may be wrong and my apologies if I am ) that the saver fare you are now wishing to book is considerably less, the point I am making is if P&O are willing to let you adjust the booking at todays saver price albeit slightly higher than you had first anticipated ( fluid pricing unfortunately and we've all been victim to that ) then that seems rather fair to me, these are very difficult times and I've read lots of moans and groans over the last few weeks and whilst P&O are not my favourite cruise line I do think they have been very generous in trying to accommodate the customer as much as they possibly can when they have had little or no control over what is happening around the world. I wish you luck with your upgrade and happy sailing.
  4. *Dancing Queen*

    Will holidays be the same again

    I don't think anyone actually knows what will happen - most of it is 'hearsay' and people will believe what they want to believe. To add my thoughts .. I would be very surprised if any ship sails this year and the fact Princess have already said they have cancelled their worldwide sailings for the entire 2020 summer season it would make sense other Carnival brands will follow suit - time will tell.
  5. *Dancing Queen*

    Over 70s

    dancing queen - your original post which was 'will the over 70's be able to cruise in the future' I can't see why not although obviously insurance premiums will be a consideration as I can't see anyone whatever age they are booking a cruise if the coronavirus was excluded, I would expect most insurance companies will in time offer cover but it will come at a cost so this may very well be the deciding factor for people aged over 70 on whether they choose to cruise again.
  6. *Dancing Queen*

    Over 70s

    Not a silly question at all Countrygirl, I wouldn't pay for something I'm unlikely to use either and I think it will be many months before anyone is going anywhere and very possibly not this year.
  7. *Dancing Queen*

    what currency to use in Croatia

    Never had a problem with Euros in either place, the only place we found in Dubrovnik who wouldn't accept Euros was to purchase tickets to walk the walls but they do accept CC so not a problem.
  8. *Dancing Queen*


    Ooops I forgot to add the 15% service charge which would take the cost to £18.74 and £24.11 respectively ( hope I got the maths right I did it in my head !! )
  9. *Dancing Queen*


    Hi JJ I'm not questioning what you say just trying to offer an explanation because it would certainly appear if you had single measures they have charged you for doubles ( I'm resisting the urge to say 'ripped off' because I would like to think Cunard wouldn't do this ) tbh if every time you went into a bar it was costing you £26 per round then I think this is something you need to take up with customer service because something isn't adding up. Unfortunately the drinks menu won't copy/paste so to give an example of what two G&T's would cost using Bombay Sapphire with canned/bottled mixers. 1 oz $6.95 + mixer $3.50 = $10.45 x 2 = $20.90 converted to GBP = £16.29 2 oz $9.95 + mixer $3.50 = $13.45 x 2 = $26.90 converted to GBP = £20.97 The fountain mixer is $1.75 which would reduce the price further, I do have to agree with you until a couple of years ago the fountain mixer was foc .. I don't like it anyway so never benefited. If you want to check other prices here is the link to the PDF file ( scroll down to page 8 ) . https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/life-on-board/qe-golden-lion.pdf I know like me you are a Cunard fan but it's things like this which leave a sour taste so I would definitely take it up with them and ask them for an explanation.
  10. *Dancing Queen*


    I've just had a quick look at bar prices ( I don't sign the receipts so I genuinely don't know the prices ) a 2oz measure ( double ) averages between $10 - $12 depending on what you drink so it does look as if that is what you were served, personally I think it is rather naughty of Cunard because if people want doubles they will ask for them whereas you don't expect to have to ask for a single.
  11. *Dancing Queen*


    Are you sure you weren't served 'doubles' as this seems to be the 'norm' now unless you specifically ask for a single, most of the waiters do ask but not all of them. I would agree with you about the shops, since the new franchise took over they are not only over-priced but very limited in choice too.
  12. *Dancing Queen*

    Where is everyone

    Sorry to hear this Davybe, all the best and I hope your treatment goes well xx
  13. *Dancing Queen*

    Britannia refit

    If P&O are replacing the shops franchise with the same one as Cunard then it is nothing to get excited about !!! When we were on QE earlier this year the Jo Malone shop had very limited stock and certainly not the more popular fragrances, other perfumes/aftershaves etc were also very limited and had a substantial price 'hike' over previous cruises, gone were the well known brands like Joseph Ribkoff and what little 'designer wear' was on offer was actually 'outdated' stock which you would have been buying from John Lewis 12 months ago !! As a smoker I couldn't believe I was unable to purchase B&H Gold ( probably one of the most popular cigarette brands !! ) the same problem with some of the more popular alcoholic drink brands too - as an example a bottle of Baileys which I can buy in Tesco for around £16 was over $30 - not that I tend to buy what is supposedly duty free alcohol as I don't consider it worth the effort of it carrying home when Tesco/Sainsburys can more than price match.
  14. *Dancing Queen*

    Britannia Fight Night?

    We had a large group of 'travellers' one year on a Caribbean Christmas cruise who caused havoc throughout the whole cruise, P&O eventually put them off the ship at the last port of call but imo should have done it much sooner, the men were fighting, the kids were fighting even the women were fighting it was very unpleasant if you happened to be in an area they were in, they threatened to put one of the croupiers overboard, the kids were throwing sun loungers and anything else which wasn't fastened down overboard and yet it still took P&O nearly 3 weeks to disembark them.
  15. *Dancing Queen*

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Or start charging US prices and not allowing any drinks to be taken on board, that would soon stop the assholes !!