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  1. I have sailed on both ships. The Oceana is smaller and older and has the most amazing atrium. The Azura is very sleek and elegant and is much more modern with loads of facilities. You really only sleep and shower in your cabin so choose the cruise by the destination you prefer
  2. Going on Emerald 20/08/16 so there's even more to look forward to now. Can't wait
  3. Most of the Baltic countries with the exception of Russia will accept Euros or credit/debit cards. For Russia you will need American dollars!
  4. What a fantastic idea. Passengers accept that tours have to be booked on line or on board if there is no alternative.
  5. No ideas awhere the new itineraries will be. Greek islands and Central Mediterranean are alawys popular for the Summer months. There does seem to be a lot of Baltic cruises this year.
  6. Hopefully yo will be able to go to Bruges. Do have some hot chocolate laced with rum whilst you are there - it really takes the chill away. Best way of getting to Bruges if not doing a tour is to get the coach to Blankenberge and the the train to Bruges - really cheap way to get there and a very good service.
  7. People do get left behind. However every effort is made - as you probably witnessed - to ensure no-one is left
  8. Cunard also offer the Grills experience - Princess and Queens Grill - a ship within a ship experience. Have only managed to do the Princess Grills once on Queen Victoria but would love to do it again
  9. My first cruise was on Oceana to the Caribbean and we flew to Miami. It was the fulfillment of a dream and lived up to and exceeded expectations. Have cruised ever since and still think its the best way to travel.
  10. Would love to do a world cruise - perhaps when I retire - don't think work would let me have the time off.
  11. The kids clubs are fantastic - you'll be lucky if you see the kids the whole cruise. Ventura is a fabulous family ship - lots of facilities - you'll all enjoy.
  12. I'm also on countdown to Anthem but 58 days - I'll still be counting when you get back.
  13. No limits on Royal Caribbean - have a good time I will when I go in October - can't wait.
  14. One of the great things about cruising was the interaction between guests and for new cruisers in particular is a great way to learn from other people's experience and pick up knowledge. It also builds long lasting friendships. It will be a great pity if cruising reverts to tables of 2, only
  15. I'm blue - must be feeling blue today!
  16. Azura is a beautiful sleek elegant ship with masses of features and entertainment venues. I have been on her several times and enjoyed each cruise. The superior deluxe balcony cabins are fabulous and spacious. I'm sure you will enjoy the Caribbean in February 2017 and the experience of this beautiful ship.
  17. The Baltic cruise is the most amazing and memorable cruise you will ever do. As with most cruises the best clothes to take are ones that you can layer. The dates you have booked early June, the weather should be really good - because, as the Baltic countries are so much further north than Britain their seasons are earlier - when you get to August it is Autumn in these countries. Do enjoy.
  18. buggalugs

    Queen Mary 2

    Cunard is amazing. The service the food is just superb. I think you've got an amazing bargain where can you go 4*+ full board for £789 for 14 nights. Yes Cunard do have standards and dress codes but enjoy.
  19. The canapes look delightful and I haven't even had breakfast yet!
  20. My husband and I have been in the Princess Grill suites on Queen Victoria and it was a wonderful experience. Can only imagine what the Queens Grill would be like. I would say yes, it is definitely worth the extra.
  21. Hi Solent Richard Can I just say a big thank you for taking the time and trouble to send me all the wonderful information. I have only glanced at it at the moment but will study it in much more detail as the date approaches. Thanks again
  22. Try AVANTI 08002014447 - I have a close relative with pre-existing conmditions and these are very good - worth a free phone call
  23. So interested in reading and viewing the pictures of New York. Gong to New York for the first time ever in November. Flying there and sailing back - so excited. Anybody got any tips on what to do and not to do?
  24. This certainly is great news for single cruisers. I hope the cabins will be reasonably priced and there will be sufficient of them to accommadate current requests
  25. Not been on Celebrity as yet, will be doing so next year. But, must say that's a fantastic pricefor a balcony. Many of my friends think they are the best cruise line!
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