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  1. P & O make changes wherever they like especially when they bring out new edition brochures, and they don't always inform you of the changes, they did the dirty on us once and we'll never travel with them again
  2. How do we know behind the scene staff get a share, I haven't seen a list published by P & O of who get a share. At least Fred Olsen say in their brochure who gets a share of the gratuities they charge (which optional). At the end of the day we all have our opinions, we tip the people we know have served us well and it's usually more than the auto charge. I don't accept that the company stand the charge for the 'freebies' otherwise why is there, on some cruises, a big difference in 'select fare' and 'early saver fare'. It's an expensive way to guarantee your cabin and dining arrangements!
  3. In reply to wheels 36 I don't understand your comment, the money saved from not giving 'free parking', 'free coach travel', onboard spend would be shared among the low paid crew giving them a much better wages. Onboard spending money just goes back to the cruise company as you don't actually get the money just a credit on your account, used up as automatic gratuity.
  4. Back to the tipping/gratuities, P & O change things without informing passengers first, not only tipping but other things as well. They don't answer your complaints either. Although we do tip certain staff who give us a good service, we do remove the automatic charge, like other members on here I do not like being dictated to. where do people get all there background information because some contradicts others. Why do people keep referring to a living wage, although I don't know how much the cabin steward and waiters earn, it must be a good comparison to what they would earn at home and pr
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