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  1. Hello Jenjen. We’re taking our grandson (& his parents) on their first cruise next year to Norway. Hopefully by then most things will be back to how they used to be. I would like them to experience some of the little touches that make a cruise a bit special such as chocolate on the bed at night although I fear that now some things like that have gone they will be quietly dropped forever.
  2. We like Fred. A good positive review so another ship to consider in the future.
  3. I hope you mean 2023 because we’ve got one booked on Aurora in September 2022 & there are others on sale for later that year. We’re hoping there will be some on Aurora in June 2023 that are about 2-3 weeks long to celebrate our golden wedding.🛳😎
  4. Thank you afcandrew. Needed manipulation to change the angle of the wrist (thank goodness for entinox) & then replastering. Next appointment should be in 4 weeks.
  5. Thanks oldworldtraveller. Back to hospital on Wednesday.
  6. The NHS app only shows my flu jab.
  7. We received the email & accepted the invitation. Now we have to wait for a link on Sunday to watch the ceremony. We’ll have a look as it’s the nearest we’ll get to a live launch.
  8. Yes thank you. Just a bit achy now.
  9. Had 2nd jab on Wednesday & felt giddy with relief. Also felt giddy on Friday & fell & broke 2 bones in my right wrist. never broken a bone before - hurts doesn’t it? 😀😢😂
  10. I’m so sorry to hear this Jenjen. What an awful time for you & your family. There seem to be a lot of positive posts from people who cruise alone so when you feel ready ( & we’re allowed to go) I hope you can take the brave step to try one & have a lovely time.🌈🛳
  11. 2torts

    P & O Arvia

    I can’t say that I like the name of the new ship. In fact at first glance I read it as Arriva & then I put my specs on!😀
  12. 2torts

    COVID vaccination

    Saga are now insisting that passengers have the vaccination before sailing. Personally I think this is a good move but what do others think? Will this just be for this year or should it be reviewed annually?
  13. Well said Countrygirl. A safe & happy Christmas to you too & to everyone on the forum & at Bolsover.🎄
  14. I couldn’t get on the forum for a few days either. It’s now exactly 1 year since we were on a ship so hopefully we’ll soon be jabbed & back on board in the spring.
  15. Yes we would. We usually keep to ourselves a lot anyway having a table for 2 for dinner then going to the theatre or for a drink. Wearing a mask between venues wouldn’t be too bad & we’d get used to it quite quickly I hope. On a more hopeful note we’ve just sorted out a cruise for August 2022 with Bolsover which they will confirm next week so by then I hope all this will be just a bad memory.
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