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  1. 2torts

    Oh dear we have been hacked yet again

    I reported some of the posts yesterday but there were so many that I thought that would be enough for some action but they seem to still be there.
  2. 2torts


    We’ve always booked over the phone with their lovely staff but we’ve always thought that one day we might get to visit the shop. It’s a pity but at least no one is losing their job and we wish everyone well.
  3. 2torts

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    Hi littlemousa . We’ve also had 3 cruises cancelled now & have 2 booked for next year so hopefully it will either have run its course or we’ll be able to have a jab by then. Hope everyone is keeping safe & well.
  4. 2torts

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    Our cruises on Iona in November & February have now been cancelled. I hope that by the time we get to our next one in May that the virus will either have burnt itself out or that there is a vaccine available.
  5. 2torts

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    So sorry to hear this Jenjen. My thoughts are with you both.
  6. 2torts

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    I only read pages 12 & 13 but it makes it sound terrifying.
  7. 2torts

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    There may not be any cruises at the moment but I’m still hopeful for our November cruise especially now that the excursions have suddenly appeared on the cruise personaliser. I’m not confident enough to think about booking any at the moment but the fact that they are there & that there are many new & different ones must be a good sign ( I hope).
  8. 2torts

    Insurance and Covid19

    Our insurance provider has now emailed to say that cancellation & curtailment of a cruise due to the virus are now covered.
  9. A pile of books, a mug of tea & a view of the sea (preferably from a balcony but a window would do) & I'd be perfectly happy.
  10. It would suit me a treat. I love sea days.
  11. 2torts

    Where to in our winter?

    So do I.
  12. 2torts

    The Nolans

    Did anyone see the Nolans go Cruising last night? I thought that the ship looked amazing but couldn't see which one it was except that I think it had the MSC logo on the side. Can anyone name it for me please?
  13. 2torts

    Where to in our winter?

    We're supposed to be on Iona in November to Spain & Portugal & again in February to the Canaries. I'm still hoping that they will go ahead even if we have to miss out a few ports. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new ship even though I prefer the smaller ones - my favourite is still Oriana with Aurora a close second.
  14. 2torts

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    We are due to sail at the end of November so we’re still hopeful P & O will have started cruising again by then. We prefer the buffet for breakfast but if it’s no longer self service it will only be like when norovirus is onboard. I just want to be able to sit & gaze out to sea - the ports are secondary for me. Hope everyone’s keeping well.🛳
  15. 2torts

    Good news/Bad news

    The good news this week is that Staysure insurance now covers you if you’re taken Ill with Coronavirus while away on a cruise but not if that’s your reason for cancelling a cruise. The bad news is that P & O have cancelled their cruises until the middle of October. One day we’ll all be cruising again.🌈🛳