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  1. Thank you afcandrew. Needed manipulation to change the angle of the wrist (thank goodness for entinox) & then replastering. Next appointment should be in 4 weeks.
  2. Thanks oldworldtraveller. Back to hospital on Wednesday.
  3. The NHS app only shows my flu jab.
  4. We received the email & accepted the invitation. Now we have to wait for a link on Sunday to watch the ceremony. We’ll have a look as it’s the nearest we’ll get to a live launch.
  5. Yes thank you. Just a bit achy now.
  6. Had 2nd jab on Wednesday & felt giddy with relief. Also felt giddy on Friday & fell & broke 2 bones in my right wrist. never broken a bone before - hurts doesn’t it? 😀😢😂
  7. I’m so sorry to hear this Jenjen. What an awful time for you & your family. There seem to be a lot of positive posts from people who cruise alone so when you feel ready ( & we’re allowed to go) I hope you can take the brave step to try one & have a lovely time.🌈🛳
  8. 2torts

    P & O Arvia

    I can’t say that I like the name of the new ship. In fact at first glance I read it as Arriva & then I put my specs on!😀
  9. 2torts

    COVID vaccination

    Saga are now insisting that passengers have the vaccination before sailing. Personally I think this is a good move but what do others think? Will this just be for this year or should it be reviewed annually?
  10. Well said Countrygirl. A safe & happy Christmas to you too & to everyone on the forum & at Bolsover.🎄
  11. I couldn’t get on the forum for a few days either. It’s now exactly 1 year since we were on a ship so hopefully we’ll soon be jabbed & back on board in the spring.
  12. Yes we would. We usually keep to ourselves a lot anyway having a table for 2 for dinner then going to the theatre or for a drink. Wearing a mask between venues wouldn’t be too bad & we’d get used to it quite quickly I hope. On a more hopeful note we’ve just sorted out a cruise for August 2022 with Bolsover which they will confirm next week so by then I hope all this will be just a bad memory.
  13. I’d just about got used to wearing a mask for a short time in the shops but now they’re closing again. I still click & collect groceries as I can’t get used to people in all directions in the aisles chatting & blocking the way. It’s a shame for the smaller shops as they organised things well & will now lose a lot of Christmas trade - our local shopping centre has seen a lot of shops close for good already. I’m still hopeful for our 2 cruises next year but who knows. Keep well everyone.
  14. I reported some of the posts yesterday but there were so many that I thought that would be enough for some action but they seem to still be there.
  15. We’ve always booked over the phone with their lovely staff but we’ve always thought that one day we might get to visit the shop. It’s a pity but at least no one is losing their job and we wish everyone well.
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