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  1. Aslaw

    Saga missing

    Surely the line deserves to be discussed. I can't speak highly enough of the company. In my experience Saga beats most others for customer care, with the possible exception of Seabourne.
  2. Why does Saga not deserve a listing under Cruise lines?
  3. Aslaw

    Check in

    I think P&O are generating uncertainty over boarding. Have a sense not all is well with the company, particularly with respect to customer service. Perhaps that is why I now cruise not with P&O, but with Saga. As to boarding with them, a car arrives to pick you up from home at a set time and delivers you to Southampton, and it has always worked fine in the past. Providing the ship is ready you board immediately. After losing confidence in P&O have now four cruises booked with Saga over the next 14 months, the first starting in a matter of days. Can't wait.
  4. Response to Cruise Chef: my "beef" apart from gratuities has been considered in another issue raised elsewhere (see travel insurance). When a company accepts a large deposit for a world cruise there is no way according to said company to transfer it to another cruise.
  5. Ron, I give plenty of my income information to various questionnaires. Not much to divulge. State pension and work pension. Not a vast amount. From P&O I sought information regarding the distribution of gratuities, whether they pay the living wage and whether they use gratuities to subsidise the normal wage. If they expect us to pay gratuities there should be clarity of information from the company. But to repeat, a gratuity should not be an expectation, it should be a reward for SPECIAL service.
  6. I have cruised with P&O numerous times and though I have always paid the auto gratuity have never been comfortable with this process. Having asked the company questions about gratuity/wages and link to crew they have refused to answer. This display of bad manners and a recent refusal to return a deposit, or allow it to be used for a subsequent cruise, has now blackened P&O in my eyes. Have also cruised with Saga a number of times and gratuities are included in the upfront cost. Much more honest. And like so many of their passengers I still additionally tip individuals who provide cons
  7. I love cruising with Saga but I couldn't comprehend why they refused us for the 115 day cruise but accepted us for two other cruises ( November and January) knowing the same medical details. I disclosed full details. It doesn't encourage one to be honest. My "normal" bank travel insurance is not interested in covering my deposit.
  8. Thanks Pesky Pirate. Have had travel insurance through bank for "normal" cruises and it was in place since booking the longer trip. Will do some chasing.
  9. My wife and I had booked on a 115 day P&O cruise this coming January (2016). Normally we have no difficulty in getting travel insurance. Prior to paying the balance I thought I would ensure we were covered for this particular cruise as a one off. Our health conditions are relatively run of the mill, high blood pressure( controlled by the daily tablet) and my wife's mild asthma. However, after a check at Specsavers in May the optician suggested I ought to have a further check at the eye hospital. This was duly done in August/September. As a result I needed a membrane removed from the back
  10. Aslaw

    P&o Wifi

    Cannot understand why Cruise lines cannot follow Saga. Have had several cruises with Saga and over the last two years wi fi has been freely available, and it's been reasonably good. Will not pay the scandalous sums demanded by P&O and complete every cruise questionnaire with the plea for free wi fi. Someone, somewhere is making a scandalous profit.
  11. Have travelled with a number of Cruise Companies and have always been content to follow dress codes, however, I welcome the end of semi formal nights: additional suits, jackets, truly unnecessary. Perfectly content to enjoy Formal occasions, though when we have travelled with holidaymakers from America they have scant understanding of Formal. During my cruises I've often observed female attire and have concluded that the ladies can get away with a great deal! Noting some of their attire on formal nights I conclude that they could be used for smart casual and/or semi formal nights, and in prac
  12. Did a cruise to New York and Quebec in the Autumn. P&O anticipate passengers will make their own application. The only oddity was the advice about paperwork. Some P&O staff said one only needed to provide the summary papers. A day from New York there was a race on board by many, including self, to print off full particulars because the presenter of Port activities said we needed it in full. It was chaos. When we docked and queued for immigration the local officers said no need for paperwork it's all on computer. We had a surprisingly smooth passage through immigration. My advice apply
  13. Have normal travel insurance through my bank, and I have to say when I had a minor mishap they paid up immediately, but when I went beyond the 31 day limit for a cruise ( it was 35 days) they added a considerable premium. Now I have booked on a 115 day cruise I'm wondering whether to continue going through the bank or finding a more competitive company for a one trip insurance. What experience does anyone have of insurance sums for a lengthy cruise? My wife and I will be 71/72 at the beginning of the cruise and we have usual minor medical conditions ( blood pressure/ asthma).
  14. Went on a Saga cruise to the Cape Verdes Islands recently and when we docked in Casablance we left the ship and travelled to Marrakech. We found Marrakech exciting and intriguing. We were a small group, about twelve, and the guide would tell us to huddle together to cross a road, never looking at the traffic as it weaved about us. We would simply go and presume nothing would hit us. Health and safety didn't exist. In the narrow lanes between house small motor bikes would take a slalom route through pedestrians. No apparent accidents. But the main square at night was "alive", everything happene
  15. Thanks for your responses. I accept the staff welcome and probably need the gratuities, but can anyone confirm that Cruise Lines pay the "living wage"? What would anger me is if gratuities were simply expected by Companies to make up for the niggardly wages they might pay.
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