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  1. The postings under this topic will still remain when cruising returns. Cruise companies reiterate time and time again about steps they are taking to address the current virus issues on board their ships. All well and good,yet,for many of us we still have the arduous journey of many hours to reach Southampton. En route we go past ports in Scotland,Newcastle and Liverpool certainly with the infrastructure to take most modern liners. Unless we drive down ourselves in the main we have to endure many hours on a coach and until a vaccination is rolled out,we shall be obliged to w
  2. thank you ..just the cheer we need at the moment.You are so right the beautiful rugged scenery and stunning beaches our coast line offers are well worth a look at from boat,coach or car.(i would have added cycling 50 years ago).Best wishes
  3. Just back from Celebrity cruise. At $61 for a bottle of wine ( currently on sale in UK for £ 7.95),or by the glass for $15 ,or a can of Guiness at £10 they have achieved a responsible drinking policy in one hit! Maybe that's their method to force everyone onto their all inclusive deals,in which case,the responsible drinking theory I mentioned is blown.. In one hit.
  4. Thank you so much.I have read the item you kindly appended,and you are quite right the total can be staggering.
  5. Apologies for raising this thorny problem again. Perhaps if any member has been on Celebrity Cruises recently ,could advise if gratuities can be adjusted/removed at reception as with other cruise lines. Thank you.
  6. Thanks everyone,Your comments much appreciated,and we shall take your kind advice. We sail in a couple of weeks on Britannia,so let's hope there are a few spaces on Freedom or First. Happy sailing all of you,kind regards.
  7. Thanks Peter. This advice much appreciated...we shall do exactly what you suggest...fingers crossed.
  8. We've booked an early saver on P&O Brittania, cabin to be allocated nearer the time etc,it's just the dining bit that we could do with some advice from you seasonned sailors please. Dining will be allocated on board apparently,however we would be happy for either freedom or first sitting but the second sitting at 8.30 is a bit late for us . Do you think this will present a problem? We hope that the maitre' would be able to sort it for us. Any suggestions please? Thank you
  9. Quite right! It also assumes we all have a printer..that works. I'm afraid we resort to bits of paper cello taped round the luggage handles. It's not very classy,however neither are our suitcases now...am pleased to say they are regularly used!
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