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  1. donag


    I also like the smaller P&O ships, done most of my cruises on the Aurora including 2 full world cruises. Also sailed twice on the Arcadia.
  2. donag


    I’ve registered to sail on the Arvia maiden cruise. I was previously booked on the original Iona maiden cruise. I’ve not had much luck in recent years with my choice of cruises. I was supposed to have been on the Oceana doing its repositioning cruise Malta to Dubai, then all the Dubai cruises got cancelled. I end up still on Oceana doing a Canaries cruise. Then the Iona maiden cruise got cancelled due to COVID-19. Now booked to do a Med cruise on Britannia in 2022. Hopefully I do get to cruise again in 2022. Fingers crossed.
  3. I should have been on the Iona maiden cruise. I didn’t ask for a refund but took future cruise credit. My question is how do I use it, do I book direct with P&O or go through a TA. The cruise was booked through Bolsover, who I normally book my cruises through. I don’t intend to book a cruise until they start sailing again. Also I’m in the 70 plus category so will have to wait for government clearance to cruise.
  4. I'm on Iona's maiden cruise. P&O have introduced total freedom dining in all it's dining rooms on Iona. I've always done second sitting club dining on all my cruising both as a couple and as a single. So any information and advice about freedom dining for singles would be much appreciated.
  5. I get asked this fairly regularly, because I'm travelling on my own and paying single supplement. It is normally because they are sympathetic to us singles having to pay extra.
  6. Age is just a number. I'm an OAP, but I'm usually one of the last out of the bar or the casino. My normal cruise line is P&O.
  7. I go to nearly every singles meeting , which are on sea days. They are usually more ladies than gentlemen, but I'm comfortable with that. I normally find them friendly meetings, the hosts can help to get conversations going. The hosts are members of the entertainment team which some are better at engaging with room than others. But in general I enjoy the meetings. When going on tours or just walking round the ports of call many join up in pairs or gangs. Also as you wander round the ship there is a face you recognise to say hi to.
  8. I am doing this one. It is one of my bucket list cruises. I am already retired so time off is not a problem. The only problem is the price, the dreaded single supplement. I usually book my cruises as soon as they become available to get a good price.
  9. I am doing Aurora's South American cruise in Jan. It has 23 ports of call, 7 are Caribbean islands. Do any of the Caribbean islands require you to produce your passport for stamping. If they do I will have to get a replacement passport, I will run out of empty pages.
  10. Thanks 2torts for the info. It's my 1st time doing a fly cruise & I don't do a lot of flying. I'm flying from Manchester. All my previous cruises have been ex UK round trips.
  11. I'm flying to Barbados on Fri on a Thomson charter flight for P&O. What is the check in procedure for these flights. I've looked at airline sight but it only shows their own flights, So I can't check in online for this flight. Do I just turn up at the desk with my P&O E ticket.
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll weigh it with my manbag and iPad inside.
  13. Flying Thompson for a P&O cruise Manchester to Barbados. Hand luggage allowance is 5kg does this include handbags/manbags.
  14. New Prince Fashion 62 Moody St & Prince Fashion 1 Middle Road. Both on Kowloon. Ladies & Gents Tailors. I had a suit & a sports jacket made there in 2013. Both very good quality and reasonably priced. They come to London regularly to do alterations and orders, which they will post to you if required. They send me a email inform me when they are coming over.
  15. P&O have a singles meeting every sea day, usually hosted by somebody from the entertainment team. I've been on 4 cruises 1 a full world cruise since I like you became a widower. I can say I have never felt isolated, although I've always been a fairly independent person you can get involved in the dance classes, quizzes and such things. My advice go for it.
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