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  1. For me it's The Retreat, i think it's well worth the £20 charge for the day to guarantee you a very comfy sunbed and space to relax in.
  2. Hi, I have cruised with Azamara and we had an outside cabin. This was one of my first cruises, so didn't have much to compare to. I was very impressed with the cabin and did't think it was small at all. i have since cruised with P&O and also done a river cruise, the dimensions for their cabins do sound a bit bigger but I would not of noticed this so really don't think its anything to worry about and would highly recommend Azamara.
  3. Hi, The best thing to do is layer up as much as possible, if you have ski sallopettes, that would be ideal. Also a non water based face moisturiser, as your face can become very chapped with the wind and snow.
  4. I agre with cruise chef and if you're not much of a spirits drinker, go for the wine and beer package, its cheaper too.
  5. If you pay your gratuities automatically, you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the cruise.
  6. Hi, i've been looking at this and I'm very tempted to book it as well.
  7. I hope they're onboard when we go on our cruise in May, i'd even get up and join in with them, well done P &O !
  8. Hi, Having done two river cruises I can certainly recommend them. My first one was Bordeaux with Viking River cruises. I had heard that the standards would be very good and they more than exceeded my expectations. The ship and the cabins are very modern and the food is excellent. I would recommend having at least a french balcony so not to miss out on the spectactular views! During the day there is a choice of excursions to pick from, included in your fare with visits to a Chateau for some wine tasting or visiting quaint little towns such as St Emillion to stock up on your favouri
  9. I have had the same list for years and tick off stuff in the weeks before, such as toiletries ect but leave all the clothes until last minute so still feel like i've forgotten something!
  10. I'm going on a river cruise shortly that disembarks in Basel, does anyone know how far it is to the airport and how much a taxi is likely to be please?
  11. Hi Honey73 This is a great itinary, Bordeaux has a great quayside and really good for shopping, there's lots of lovely pavement cafes and nice restaurants. Saint-Emilion is very pretty but quite steep with cobbled streets so take some good shoes. All great for wine tasting, try a Sauternes it's delicious!
  12. Thanks for that Land Ahoy, it seems there will be lots to do and see, I can't wait!
  13. Hi Land Ahoy, We're starting in Amsterdam then through Germany, calling at several ports including Rudesheim, Heidelberg then Stasbourg and finishing in Basel, Switzerland.
  14. I'm going on a river cruise shortly, down The Rhine, has anybody got any hints or tips on what to see or do, or what to try. This is all new to me so any advice would be welcome.
  15. I try to fold everything neatly so I don't need to iron it when I get there, then on the way its just all crammed i.
  16. Hi Honey73, Guernsey has a great local bus service which goes all the way around the coast road for just £1.00, you can catch this, just up from where you will get off the tender. You can get off at the various beaches or just stay on for an island tour, all for just £1.00!,
  17. I think Celebrity Chic is a good idea, as you can still dress up and wont feel out of place if you're not in 'Black tie or Cocktail dress'.
  18. You will see the beach from the cruise terminal, Dunns river falls is well worth a visit.
  19. This is brilliant, can still get away to the Caribbean for Christmas, even if you've got limited time off!
  20. Hi, My luggage went missing on the return of a P & O fly cruise, this was quite upsetting at the time but I must say that Thomas Cook handled this very quickly and efficiently. My case was sent to a different airport and Thomas Cook arranged for it to be sent by courier to my home address, which arrived a few days later. This was inconvenient at the time but was handled very quickly.
  21. I haven't bought an internet package onboard, but what we did was just use the free wifi onshore at the little cafes on my phone or with an ipad, which saved quite abit of money.
  22. Hello Scotscruiser, welcome to the forum.
  23. Very disapointed!! was really looking forward to it
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