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    The Cruise Returns!

    Will you be tuning into series 2 of ‘ The Cruise’ which returns to our screens from 12th January at 8.30pm? The first season of The Cruise featured the lines Regal Princess, but this season will star Royal Princess and few familiar faces including Timothy Gallant who worked in guest services. If you can't remember who Timothy is, he's the guy below. Though the programme may be cheesy for some, it proved to be popular with a few forum members on here. It will be great to see how well it compares to the first series.
  2. Has anybody else seen that Princess Cruises are introducing a new livery design on Majestic Princess? I believe that the new livery will roll out fleet wide over the next few years. What are your thoughts on the new design… Do you love it or hate it?
  3. Cast ashore

    Missing in action

    Agree with Furby people will come and go. Quite a few members may only check on here every once in awhile, I myself being one of these people. Repeated questions are to be expected and though some posters may have the same answer as before, others may have something new to say as their opinion has changed for whatever reason.
  4. Agree with the comment from Mermaid Jessica, it's probably best that you check out what each package has to offer and if you think you'll benefit from one of them.
  5. Cast ashore

    Symphony of the Seas

    I hadn't realised that Royal Caribbean had announced a further two ships to join their Quantum Class. I'm sure this will give plenty for people to moan about, especially those who likened Anthem, Quantum etc to a block of flats. It's all personal preference but as Sammy Sun mentioned earlier on in the conversation, Royal Caribbean must be getting something right as you wouldn't expect them to build more ships if they were failing to fill the cabins. I'll be intrigued to see what Symphony will offer and do think it will be a shame that she won't be coming to Southampton
  6. Cast ashore


    Welcome to the forum Margaret. Though I'm yet to see what Adonia has to offer, I do believe that she has a loyal following and is a well-loved ship in the P&O fleet. Try not to worry about how you paid vs that of what others paid, focus on looking forward to your cruise . You'll have to let us all know on the forum how you get along.
  7. Cast ashore

    NCL's Epic - Caribbean Cruise Review

    From the image above, I can only imagine how small the shower may be - I'm guessing it's where the door on the the bottom right hand corner of the photo?
  8. Cast ashore

    Buy A Piece of Cunard Queen Mary 2

    For anyone interested, or anyone who would just like a browse, Cunard are selling a variety of furniture and art following the remastering of QM2, all available for auction in aid of The Prince’s Trust. A great idea and all for a great cause. Would you be tempted to buy yourself a price of Cunard Queen Mary 2? http://www.queenmary2remastered-auction.com/lite-ui/#home
  9. Cast ashore

    NCL's Epic - Caribbean Cruise Review

    Great review Land Ahoy! I had heard somewhere that the single cabins on NCL were on the small side, but if people are spending very little time in here then there's not much to worry about. The single cabins on NCL are also quite quirky - not sure if you're cabin looked like this Land Ahoy?
  10. Cast ashore

    Would This Be Your Dream Job?

    It's very hard at times to not be influenced by all things social media and I would say it certainly has helped play a role in helping me decide where I should consider going next. Sometimes it's great it opening your mind up to visiting places you may have previously dimissed/ not thought about visiting before.
  11. Cast ashore

    Azura Caribbean- WOW!

    Lovely review of Azura Gina!
  12. Cast ashore

    First Time Cruising

    Welcome to the forum and cruising Sandra. If you're still unsure where to look first I would definitely recommend giving someone like Bolsover a call so they can find out a little more about what you're after/ how much you'd like to pay etc. P&O and Cunard are usally great cruise lines to begin with, but if you're after something a little different and intimate Land Ahoy's suggestion of Azamara would be worth giving a try.
  13. Cast ashore

    Norway currency

    Everyone I've spoken to has taken Kroner to Norway. They've also all come back with the same comment as littlemousa that everything is so expensive so be prepared for paying a high price for things.
  14. I’m not sure if anyone else has seen or read the article below, but for this cruiser it was certainly a good ending. The woman who has not been named was stranded in a frozen Alaskan forest during her cruise aboard Coral Princess when it docked in Juneau, Alaska. This cruiser certainly got more than what she bargained for on this memorable cruise when she got lost during a day hike after getting disorientated. Consequently, she missed the 4pm departure and had to wild-camp in the forest, in an area that is known for its black bear encounters. Luckily the cruiser made it to the tourist centre in good health, apart from being cold, wet and tired the next morning. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/articles/alaska-cruise-passenger-gets-left-behind-princess-cruises-coral/ This would be one of my worst nightmares – I hate camping, let alone attempting to wild-camp, and every little sound would’ve had me on tenterhooks! Have you ever got lost on a tour and worried about not making it back to the ship on time?
  15. Cast ashore


    Hi Mrs Mc, congrats on booking your first cruise and welcome to the forum! If you could provide us with a link to the cruise/s or perhaps the itinerary that would be great.
  16. Cast ashore

    Viking River cruise Bordeaux

    Great review Nad. Was this your first river cruise/ first time cruising with Viking? The comments I've read and heard from those who have sailed with Viking have always been very positive and gone on to say how much they were impressed by them.
  17. Celebrity Cruises are pulling Celebrity Equinox out of the Med and sailing the Caribbean year-round in 2017 and will debut new family and culinary activities. Are you surprised to hear that Celebrity Cruises are pulling Equinox out of the Med or do you welcome the decision? I've read a few mixed opinions online with some cruisers thinking this is great news while others have been left disappointed. You can read more about this here
  18. Cast ashore

    P & O cruise personaliser to do list

    There were a few problems with cruise personaliser a few weeks ago too. Hopefully it gets fixed soon
  19. Cast ashore

    Lowcost customers may receive £7.50 in compensation!

    Have to agree with loz6 I don't think it's just teenagers
  20. Cast ashore

    Queen Elizabeth Around UK 23/6-5/7 2016

    A very in-depth and thorough review, thanks for taking the time to post as it makes for a great read. It's a shame to hear that there were a few issues with tendering.
  21. Cast ashore

    Greek Lunches Worth Skipping Breakfast For

    These dishes look amazing and I'm so hungry after reading this blog!
  22. Cast ashore

    ms Koningsdam

    Has anybody got a cruise booked on Holland America's Koningsdam? From the images I've seen so far the ship looks rather impressive and though the suites would be out of my budget they look fab. I would love to dine in the Culinary Arts Centre at night where chefs prepare simple artisanal dishes. The World Stage also looks incredible with the 270 degreee screens!
  23. This doesn't surprise me at all! If there is a genuine problem/concern that's fine, but when people exaggerate purely for the purpose of getting something free/discounted I feel sorry for the person who has to deal with it all.
  24. Jet-setting around the world and getting to experience different ships, I think I would be tempted to do it if I had the money
  25. Cast ashore

    Pokémon GO (I wish it would!)

    It's great for getting kids out of the house, even adults, they just need to watch where they are going. I also didn't realise until reading an article earlier today that the app keeps track on how much you've walked.