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  1. Have you come to anymore of a decision on which cruise line you may sail with Nikos? There are some great suggestions from members, it just depends what you'd like the most from your holiday and which ships catch your eye.
  2. It's a shame to hear that your cruise holiday was spoiled due to illness seawitch. Some people are probably just naive when it comes to declaring illnesses, thinking a cough probably will pass in a day or two and what harm can it do. If it does say cough on the form then there is no excuse.
  3. While most people have been singing the praises for the all-new Harmony of the Seas, others haven’t been quite so glowing with the reviews (and I’m not talking about those who have called Harmony a floating block of flats or ugly etc). Paying passengers have posted pictures of construction work that still needs doing / is being carried out on their four day cruise, with some angry passengers referring to Harmony as a serious risk to all passengers. Not only has there been ongoing work, some of the main attractions have also been closed. To see the pictures and more on report from the BBC,
  4. Lovely cruise you've got yourself booked there, I hope you and your wife have a lovely time. The cuisine on board the Regent ships looks exquisite and I'd love to dine in Prime 7 if I was ever to sail with this cruise line.
  5. You've visited some great places smtcan! Would love to hear all about your travels in Japan when you're back. I would love to visit Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Mexico, New Zealand
  6. Has anyone sailed on any of the ships in the Cruise & Maritime fleet? My parents, who are first time cruisers are looking at booking their first cruise and really like the sound of either cruising with P&O Cruises or Cruise & Maritime. They’ve not really heard much about Cruise & Maritime, so are currently swaying towards P&O Cruises. Does anyone have any comments or advice on cruising with Cruise & Maritime as my parents do like the fact that their ships are small and intimate?
  7. A channel called W - I'd never heard of the channel before but I believe it's a new channel from UKTV. I've not watched the show but I’ve quickly googled and it's on again tonight at 7pm, so I may have to give it a watch if I remember.
  8. According to new research living on a cruise ship is actually now cheaper than renting in London… Taking average outgoings into account and comparing that to the price of a cruise it’s working out more cost-effective to live on a full-board round-the-world-cruise. Would you pack your essentials and hop on the next available cruise? Those who have done this exact thing have claimed that their life is stress-free plus they are travelling the world – a win-win situation? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/living-on-a-cruise-ship-cheaper-than-london/
  9. I agree the offer of just a £150 voucher is a little bit of joke and I definitely won't be inclined to use this travel agent again if I was him!
  10. The ship looks amazing and I definitely wouldn't say no to a cruise on Viking Star!
  11. Oh dear, this cruse passenger certainly had an ordeal before and even during his cruise! A travel agent mistakenly labelled him a terrorist by ticking yes to a security question on his application which ruined his cruise and left him shunned by fellow passengers. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/12190364/Cruise-ship-passenger-mistakenly-labelled-a-terrorist.html
  12. I shall try and catch a glimpse of this tonight if I remember!
  13. One day I’d love to visit Santorini as it looks so picturesque and I can see why so many cruisers and holidaymakers want to visit here. I do agree with the comments above that overcrowding is unpleasant for all and it would be a shame to see this island ruined by overcrowding.
  14. Great photos KeithnRita! Glad to hear that you had a great time in port and how amazing does that deep blue sea look .
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